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Confirming Institution Registration Information

Confirmation of the institution registration information confirms that the institution profile assignment is correct and completes the registration process. You are notified if the name and address supplied during registration conflicts with the name and address that the NIH has on file for your institution. If so, you are provided with an option to either change the name and address entered during registration or use your registration information to overwrite the name and address NIH has on file.

Note: Institution names and addresses can be updated manually using the Edit Institution Profile function.

  1. Once the SO email is confirmed (see Making the Initial Registration Request ) and the registration request is reviewed by the NIH, you will receive a second email stating the status of the application and providing a hyperlink to confirm and complete the registration process. Click the hyperlink in this email to open a verification page which displays the institution registration information. The information can be confirmed (if correct) or a request to the help desk can be entered if the information needs to be corrected.
  2. Once the institution information is confirmed, you will receive a final registration email with the username and password for logging on to the NIH eRA Commons system.

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