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Selected NIH Education and Awareness Campaigns


NIH Office of the Director (OD)


Clear Communication: An NIH Health Literacy Initiative
OD Clear Communication image: a photo of a group of adolecents Offers materials and resources for professionals to use in reaching individuals with literacy challenges or individuals with disabilities and disorders that serve to create obstacles to communication.
Campaign Materials | OD Website

NIH Institutes


Body and Soul
NCI: Body&Soul A Celebration of Healthy Eating & LivingHealth program developed for African American churches. The program encourages church members to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables every day for better health. Churches that embrace Body & Soul help their members take care of their bodies as well as their spirits.
Campaign Materials | NCI Website

Clinical Trials Education Series (CTES)
Complete collection of more than 15 multimedia resources and collateral materials to educate cancer patients, health care professionals, advocates, and the general public about cancer clinical trials. The series includes workbooks, booklets and brochures, DVD, CD, slide programs, and a Web-based course.
Campaign Materials | NCI Website

Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care for Oncology
NCI: EPEC(TM)-O Palliative Care Education MaterialsComprehensive multimedia curriculum in palliative and end-of-life care for health care professionals caring for patients with cancer. It consists of lecture text with associated slides, trigger videos, and commentary
Campaign Materials | NCI Website

Using What Works
Train-the-trainer course designed for health promoters and educators to teach users how to plan a health program using evidence-based programs, also known as research-tested programs.
Campaign Materials | NCI Website


National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP)
NEI: Health Education Program (NEHEP) graphicPublic and professional education campaign focused on early detection and timely treatment of glaucoma and diabetic eye disease and appropriate treatment for low vision.
Campaign Materials | NEI Website


COPD: Learn More Breathe Better
NHLBI: COPD Learn More Breathe Better graphicPublic and professional awareness campaign about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Campaign Materials | NHLBI Website

Heart Truth
NHLBI: The Heart Truth graphicNational awareness campaign for women concerning heart disease, includes locally sponsored events, dissemination of materials, and free health screenings. Additionally, the campaign reaches physicians to raise awareness of the sometimes overlooked vulnerability of women to heart disease.
Campaign Materials | NHLBI Website

National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP)
NHLBI: National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) graphicCampaign that address the growing problem of asthma in the United States. Goal is to enhance the quality of life for patients with asthma and decrease asthma-related morbidity and mortality.
Campaign Materials | NHLBI Website

Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition (WE CAN!)
NHLBI: WeCan! graphicNational public education outreach program, focusing on parents and families in home and community settings, is designed to help children 8-13 years old achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
Campaign Materials | NHLBI Website


Family History Initiative
NHGRI: My Family Health Portrait graphicWeb-based tool from NHGRI and the U.S. Surgeon General's Family History Initiative that helps families create a family health history.
Campaign Materials | NHGRI Website

National DNA Day
NHGRI: DNA Day graphicUnique day when students, teachers and the public can learn more about genetics and genomics.
Campaign Materials | NHGRI Website


Underage Drinking Research Initiative
NIAAA: Underage Drinking Research Initiative graphicCampaign that addresses variables that influence the progression to harmful use and abuse of alcohol among children and adolescents. Designed to intensify research, evaluation, and outreach efforts regarding underage drinking.
Campaign Materials | NIAAA Website


HIV Vaccine Research Education Initiative (NHVREI)
NIAID: HIV Vaccine research Education Initiative (Be The Generation) graphicAwareness campaign concerning the urgent need for an HIV/AIDS vaccine.
Campaign Materials | NIAID Website


Health Partnership Program
NIAMS: Health Partnership Program graphicCommunity-based research initiative initially established in the Washington, DC metro area with a focus on the African American and Hispanic/Latino communities.
Campaign Materials | NIAMS Website


Back to Sleep
NICHD: Back to Sleep graphicPromotes infant back sleeping for healthy babies to parents, family members, child care providers, health professionals, and all other caregivers of infants.
Campaign Materials | NICHD Website

Media-Smart Youth
NICHD: Media Smart Youth graphicInteractive after-school nutrition and physical activity education program designed to teach young people ages 11 to 13 about the complex media world around them and how it can affect health.
Campaign Materials | NICHD Website

Milk Matters
NICHD: Milk Matters graphicPublic health education campaign to promote calcium consumption among tweens and teens, especially during the ages of 11 to 15, a time of critical bone growth.
Campaign Materials | NICHD Website


NIDCD: Wise Ears! Owl graphicNational public education campaign to prevent noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).
Campaign Materials | NIDCD Website


Developmental Disabilities and Oral Health
Provides dental professionals in the community with basic information needed to deliver quality oral health care to people with special needs, including individuals with physical, mental, and behavioral challenges.
Campaign Materials | NIDCR Website


Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign
NIDDK: Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign graphicCampaign that provides current, comprehensive, science-based information about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of celiac disease.
Campaign Materials | NIDDK Website

National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)
NIDDK: National Diabetes Education Program graphic Federally-sponsored initiative that involves public and private partners in efforts to improve the treatment and outcomes for people with diabetes, promote early diagnosis, and prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.
Campaign Materials | NIDDK Website

Control Your Diabetes for Life
NIDDK: Control you Diabetes. For Life. graphic Increasing awareness about the importance and benefits of diabetes control is the key objective of the "Control Your Diabetes. For Life." campaign. The campaign includes tailored messages for the general audience and high-risk populations.
Campaign Materials | NIDDK Website

Small Steps, Big Rewards. Prevent type 2 Diabetes
NIDDK: Small Steps, Big Rewards. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes. graphic The "Small Steps. Big Rewards. Prevent type 2 Diabetes." campaign, the first-ever national diabetes prevention campaign, spreads this important message of hope to the millions of Americans at risk for the disease, including tailored materials and messages for those populations at high risk for the disease.
Campaign Materials | NIDDK Website

National Kidney Disease Education Program
NIDDK: National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) graphicDisseminates educational materials tailored to minority groups at high risk and encourages dialogue about kidney disease among African American families.
Campaign Materials | NIDDK Website

Weight-control Information Network (WIN)
NIDDK: Weight-control Information Network (WIN) graphicProvides the general public, health professionals, the media, and Congress with up-to-date, science-based information on weight control, obesity, physical activity, and related nutritional issues.
Campaign Materials | NIDDK Website


NIDA Goes Back to School
NIDA: NIDA Goes Back to School graphicThe NIDA Goes Back to School campaign provides information about the latest science-based drug abuse publications and teaching materials.
Campaign Materials | NIDA Website

Learn the Link
NIDA: Drugs + HIV = Learn The Link graphicThe National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), marks World AIDS Day on December 1st with the launch of its new, national public service campaign to educate Hispanic teens on the link between non-injection drug use and HIV transmission. The campaign features an innovative television spot blending English and Spanish; a Webisode series that will launch soon on; outdoor, transit and print placements; community events and partnerships.
Campaign Materials | NIDA Website


Know Stroke: Know the Signs. Act in Time.
NINDS: Know Stroke: Know the Signs. Act in Time graphicPublic education and outreach campaign about the symptoms of stroke and the importance of getting to the hospital quickly.
Campaign Materials | NINDS Website

NIH Centers


Time to Talk
NCCAM: Time to Talk graphicCampaign designed to promote open communication between patients and health care providers concerning comprehensive health care practices, including the use of CAM.
Campaign Materials | NCCAM Website

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