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Submitting Critiques/Scores

You can submit critiques and/or scores for your assigned applications during the Submit and Edit phases. During the Read phase only reviewers who have missed the due date may submit late critiques.

Only critiques uploaded in Microsoft Word format (with a *.doc extension) or in plain text format (with a *.txt extension) can be submitted.

Critiques cannot be edited online and must be resubmitted if you want to make changes to a previously submitted critique. Critiques cannot be resubmitted during the Read phase.

The WP Greek font family is not supported during the conversion of uploaded critiques to Adobe PDF. In order to include Greek characters insert them as symbols within the Microsoft Word document.

Unassigned reviewers can not submit scores for any applications.

  1. From the List of Meetings page, click the View List of Applications hyperlink (in the Action column) to open the List of Applications page (IAR0007) with your assigned applications.
  2. Click the Submit hyperlink in the Action column for the desired application to open the Submit Critique and Preliminary Score page (IAR0011).
  3. Enter the full path and filename (including extension) of the critique or click Browse button to locate the file.
  4. If applicable, either a numeric score or a score code can be entered (see Submit Critique and Preliminary Score Page Information for more information about the score code). A numeric score must be within a range of 1.0–5.0.
  5. Click Submit to upload the file. The file is checked for the proper file type and is virus-checked.
  6. IAR displays a validation message with an option to cancel or submit critique and score. Click Submit to finalize the submission and view a confirmation message that your critique and score were updated.

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