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Viewing Application Information

The List of Applications page lets you view information about the applications in your meeting and provides access to actions such as submitting and viewing critiques. The data viewed on the List of Applications page is customized based on the current IAR phase and the type of reviewer you are. By default, the page initially shows only applications assigned to you but it provides access to show all applications in the meeting if your SRA/GTA has opened the meeting for unassigned critiques or comments to be posted.

  • When the meeting is in the Submit phase:
  • When the meeting is in the Read phase:
  • When the meeting is in the Edit phase:
  • Note:
    Mail reviewers can see only their own assigned applications.

    By default, you are blocked from reading application critiques submitted by other reviewers before you submit your own critique. These defaults may be changed for selected reviewers by the SRA/GTA.

    Applications with conflicts are marked COI and have no links available for submitting, deleting, or viewing a critique.

    1. From the List of Meetings page, click the View List of Applications hyperlink (in the Action column) to open up the List of Applications page (IAR0007) with your assigned applications.

    In This Section

    List of Applications Page—Meeting Information

    List of Applications Page—Link Information

    List of Applications Page—Table Information

    Viewing SRA/GTA Contact Information

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