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Viewing Pending Status Information

When an account has a status of Pending, Extramural Administrators can use the Account Request Status page (ADM1026) to view whether the account is pending PI review or NIH review.

A status of Pending PI Review indicates that the PI has not yet replied to the email requesting that the PI validate the account request. You are provided with an option to resend the notification email to the PI.

A status of Pending NIH Review indicates that the NIH has not yet completed the validation request and that the account has not been activated.

  1. Query the account as described in Querying Accounts.
  2. In the Action column of the desired account, click the Status hyperlink. The Account Request Status page (ADM1026) opens.
  3. when the account status is Pending PI Review, click Send Email (if desired) to resend the account verification request to the PI.

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