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Making the Initial Registration Request

Grantee institutions need to be registered in order to use the NIH eRA Commons. The initial registration request registers the institution and also sets up a mandatory account for the institution's Signing Official (SO) and an optional account for the institution's Accounts Administrator (AA). Only authorized organization officials may register their institutions.

To register your institution:

  1. Access the NIH eRA Commons Home page.
  2. Click the Grantee Organization Registration hyperlink in the About the Commons sections (located below the Login fields) to open the Online Registration page (REG3010) instructions. It may be helpful to print out this page for a convenient reference. See Printing Pages for instructions.
  3. Click Register Now to open the Register Institution page (REG3007).
  4. Fill in the information fields for the institution, noting the following:
  5. Fill in the information fields for the Signing Official (SO), noting the following:
  6. If desired, fill in information for an Accounts Administrator (AA). The required account information for the AA is the same as for the SO.
  7. Verify that the information entered in the fields is correct and click Submit to generate a completed registration form with signature and date lines.
  8. Print out the registration form, make any corrections if needed, and sign (only SOs or their designees can sign the form).
  9. Fax the completed form to the NIH at (301) 451-5675.
  10. The NIH sends an email to the designated SO which contains a hyperlink to verify the SO email address. Click the hyperlink in this email to open the Email Verification page (REG3005). This confirms that the email address provided for the SO is valid. The NIH reviews the application which is now pending approval.

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