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Querying Accounts

Extramural Administrators can search for and select an account in order to view, edit, or delete it. Querying is also useful for locating a user to whom you want to delegate PI authority, and for locating accounts with a current status of Not Affiliated so that you can create user accounts and create institutional affiliations.

Note: The fields for the query information on this page are optional. Use any desired combination of the fields to perform the account query.

  1. Select Administration | Accounts | Maintain Account to access the Account List page (ADM1007).
  2. Fill in the optional search criteria fields, noting the following:
  3. Click Search. A list of matching accounts is displayed. Up to 50 records are displayed per page of matching accounts.
  4. Note the following information about the account list:

  Account Status
Status Description
Not Affiliated

This query option displays a list of users who have submitted grants/ applications but are not affiliated with the NIH eRA Commons system. In the Action column, hyperlinks are provided to either "Create Account" (for users who do not have an account) or "Create Affiliation" (for PIs who have not been affiliated with your institution).

The Maintain Accounts feature lets the Extramural Administrator easily create an account for Principal Investigators (PIs). It is important that PIs are linked to their existing NIH profile so that they may see all of their grants/ applications in the Status section and process those applications as the related functionality (eSNAP, XTrain) becomes available in the NIH eRA Commons system. When you query by selecting the "Not Affiliated" status, you query any PI at your institution who has submitted an application within the last 5 years.

Pending This query option displays a list of users who have requested an NIH eRA Commons account and are awaiting NIH verification (pending accounts). This temporary status generally lasts only 2 to 3 business days.
Active This query option displays a list of users who have a profile that has been associated with an NIH eRA Commons account (active users). In the Action column, hyperlinks are provided for viewing, editing, and deleting the account. Active PI accounts have an additional hyperlink for delegating PI authority.
All This query option displays a list of all of the above users.

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