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Viewing Critiques

Your ability to view critiques depends upon the type of reviewer that you are and the current IAR phase that the meeting is in. Critiques cannot be modified during the Read Phase and you will not be able to view critiques and scores for applications where you have conflicts of interest. When there is more than one critique to display, the critiques are merged into one file with each critique printed on a new page.

Regular reviewers—During the Read phase, you can usually view critiques posted by other reviewers to help you prepare for review meeting discussions. However, if you have not submitted your critique during the Submit phase, your SRA/GTA can block you from reading other critiques until you have submitted your own. If you are blocked from reading, you must submit your critique before you will be able to read other critiques.

Mail reviewers—You will not be able to view critiques that are submitted by other reviewers.

During the Submit phase, you can view critiques you have submitted from the List of Applications page, either one at a time or merged into one file.

During the Read Phase, you can view critiques in several ways:

Note: Subprojects are treated like all other applications. For example, if you are assigned to two subprojects and don't submit a critique on time for one of them, if the SRA/GTA blocks you from viewing other critiques you only will be blocked from viewing critiques for the specific subproject that doesn't yet have a critique submitted.

  1. From the List of Meetings page, click the View List of Applications hyperlink (in the Action column) to open the List of Applications page (IAR0007).
  2. To view an individual critique (during all IAR phases):
  3. To view critiques for all applications in a meeting (during the IAR Read/Edit phases only):
  4. To view all critiques that you have submitted (during all IAR phases):
  5. To view all critiques that you have submitted for your assigned applications (during the IAR Read/Edit phases only):
  6. To view all critiques submitted for a specific application (during the IAR Read/Edit phases only):
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