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10/13/2006 ORIS Meeting List
03/01/2006 Service Advisory: eRA System
03/01/2006 Service Advisory: eRA System
02/13/2006 System Update: J2EE Conversion for Each Application
07/20/2005 Project Team Calendar
09/14/2004 Web QT Agenda and Update
09/14/2004 Web QT Enhancement List and FY2004 Plans
09/14/2004 Web QT Users Group Meeting Minutes
12/18/2003 Password Guide
12/17/2003 Password Policy FAQs
03/21/2003 Financial Status Report (FSR) March 2003 Release Notes
02/04/2003 Attention FSR Users
01/21/2003 eSNAP Changes
12/19/2002 Calendar
12/02/2002 eRA Project Team Calendar
11/01/2002 Project Team Calendar
10/02/2002 New Releases
10/02/2002 Work Guidelines
08/20/2002 IMPAC I Bridge Turned Off for FY2003 Records
04/09/2002 Major IMPAC I Sunset Dates and Recommended IC Action
04/08/2002 Sunset Dates For All IMPAC I Functions
02/05/2002 HEAT Overview Presentation
02/01/2002 History of the Legacy System: The Final Farewell
12/11/2001 IRDB Redesign Assumptions
12/11/2001 IRDB Deleted Database Objects, effective 01-03-02
12/11/2001 IRDB Public Synonyms, effective 12-21-01
11/26/2001 ICSTORe Screen Shots
10/16/2001 Potential Problems and Resolutions for IMPAC II R15 Mailers
09/04/2001 Oracle Memory Leak Bug in IMPAC II Production System
06/21/2001 IMPAC I Sunset Dates
06/21/2001 Major IMPAC I Sunset Dates and Recommended IC Action
05/22/2001 IMPAC II Software Development Life Cycle

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