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Topic: digestive diseases (dd)
Title: Hemochromatosis Cookbook: Recipes And Menus for Reducing the Absorption of Iron in Your Diet.
Author: Garrison, C.
Source: Nashville, TN: Cumberland House Publishing. 2008. 300 p.
Availability: Available from Cumberland House Publishing. 431 Harding Industrial Drive, Nashville, TN 37211. Email: Website: www Price: $16.95.
Abstract: This cookbook offers recipes, nutritional information, and meal planning ideas for people with hemochromatosis, an inherited metabolic iron disorder. For people with hemochromatosis, controlling the intake and absorption of iron contributes to wellness and the prevention of chronic complications. The introductory information explains iron imbalances, including hereditary hemochromatosis, acquired iron overload, anemia, and iron avidity. The body has no natural way to excrete iron excesses, and in people with iron overload disorders, over time the metal can accumulate to toxic levels throughout the body including the liver, heart, pancreas, brain, pituitary gland, bone marrow, and joints. The author answers a number of common questions about metabolic iron disorders, focusing on the role of a diet that prevents some iron absorption. Recipes are presented in 11 categories: appetizers, beverages, soups and stews, salads, salad dressings, breads, sandwiches, main dishes, side dishes, sauces, and desserts. Recipes include ingredients lists, preparation instructions, the heme and nonheme iron value per serving, and a list of other items that help inhibit absorption of nonheme iron, such as calcium, dairy phosphate, eggs, phytate phosphorus, and polyphenols. The book includes food values and tips for reduced fat, sodium, and sugar menu items; simple menu planners for a typical week; blank worksheets to aid in tracking iron intake; a shopping checklist with reminders about iron content; a chart showing the iron contents of common foods and vitamin supplements; a glossary of cooking terms; a section of dietary success stories from people living with hemochromatosis; and information specifically for patients with both hemochromatosis and diabetes. Subject and recipe indexes conclude the cookbook.

Format: Monograph/Book
Language: English.
Major Keywords: Digestive System Diseases. Hemochromatosis. Diet Therapy. Meal Planning. Recipes.
Minor Keywords: Food Habits. Medical Nutrition Therapy. Shopping Hints. Patient Education. Recordkeeping. Iron. Metabolism.
Publication Number: DDBK10964
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