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Enable eSNAP

By enabling eSNAP, your institution will be able to submit any SNAP progress reports online through the NIH eRA Commons. The user clicks the button and if enabling eSNAP, they will be presented with a usage agreement (see below for details). If disabling eSNAP, they will be presented with a confirmation screen.

There is currently not a requirement to use eSNAP to submit progress reports, and it is an institutional decision as to how many or how few you want to process in this manner. Keep in mind by enabling this functionality, it will be enabled for the entire institution and cannot be limited to a specific area of the institution such as a school or department. This feature can be enabled or disabled at any time by a user with the proper authority; i. e., someone with the SO role. Any time this setting is changed, all users with the role of SO will be notified of the change.

Usage Agreement: Parts of the eSNAP functionality differ from the paper progress reporting process. To use the eSNAP functionality, the user must read and agree to the changes in the process. When the user enables eSNAP, they will be presented with a screen that discusses in detail the differences and requires them to agree to them. This agreement will be captured in a log for later verification if needed.

Note: Since this functionality is being activated for the entire institution, this decision should be made and agreed upon at the institutional level.

Additional details on the eSNAP system can be found in the eSNAP User Guide on the Commons Support web page.

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