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Editing IPF Assurances and Certifications

Grantee institutions must verify that they are in compliance with specified assurances and certifications referenced in the grant application. SOs can edit the Institution Profile File (IPF) Assurances and Certifications for their institution.

Note: Not all assurances and certifications may be applicable to each institution.

  1. Access the IPF Assurances and Certification page as described in Viewing IPF Assurances and Certifications.
  2. Click the Edit hyperlink to open the Edit IPF Assurances and Certifications page (IPF2004).
  3. Select the checkbox for the desired assurances, and enter an explanation of the certification.
  4. Note the following regarding the information listed on this page:
  5. Click Submit to enter the information. A confirmation message is displayed.

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