Office of the Director -- Head of the Contracting Activity

  1. Business Management Office for Administration and Budget
  2. Business Management Office for Communications and Outreach
  3. Business Management Office for Human Relations and Information Technology
  4. Office of Acquisition Management and Policy
    1. NIH-wide Small Business Program
    2. Acquisition Data Management Program
    3. Acquisition Training and Certification Program
    4. Division of Acquisition Policy and Evaluation
    5. Division of Financial Advisory Services
      1. Special Reviews Branch
      2. Indirect Cost Branch
  5. Office of Management Assessment
    1. Division of Program Integrity
      1. Review Branch A
      2. Review Branch B
    2. Division of Quality Management
    3. Division of Management Support
    4. Division of Outside Review and Liaison
  6. Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations
    1. Acquisition
      1. Division of Acquisition Programs
        1. Acquisition Planning and Specifications Branch
        2. Acquisition Services and Review Branch
        3. Simplified Acquisition Programs Branch
      2. Division of Information Technology Acquisition
      3. Division of Research Acquisition
      4. Division of Station Support Acquisition
        1. Contracts Branch
        2. Simplified Acquisition Branch
    2. Logistics
      1. Division of Logistics Services
        1. Distribution Management Branch
        2. Inventory Management Branch
        3. Fleet Management Branch
        4. Relocation Services Branch
      2. Division of Personal Property Services
        1. External Property Administration Branch
        2. Property Administration Branch
        3. Property Utilization Branch

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Last modified: February 13, 2001

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