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Uploading eSNAP Science Items

Science items (progress reports and research accomplishments) can be uploaded for eSNAP reports with a status of Work in Progress (WIP). Access to science items is granted to PIs or PI delegates when the PI is the current reviewer.

Progress Report files are a brief presentation of the accomplishments on the research project during the reporting period. They address the specific aims of the project, detail the studies directed toward these aims and their results, emphasize the significance of the findings, summarize plans to address the aims during the next year of support, and describe the resources generated by the project that are available to be shared with other investigators. See for more detailed information.

Research Accomplishments files are used to provide summarized current information of science highlights and other significant changes. Future versions of the NIH eRA Commons will include an ability for interim submissions of this information to the Program staff at the NIH, independent of the annual progress report.

The Upload Science page displays three areas of information:

Note: If activities involving human subjects were performed during the budget period prior to this eSNAP, the population enrollment data must be submitted. This applies whether or not the activities are exempt from the Federal regulations for the protection of human subjects and whether or not the activities are planned at either the applicant organization or at any other performance site or collaborating institution. See Instructions for Progress Reports Involving Clinical Research for details about submitting population enrollment data.

  1. Open the eSNAP Menu page for the desired grant (see Querying eSNAP Reports for details).
  2. Select the Upload Science tab to open the Upload Science page (ESP7022).

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