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Querying eSNAP Reports

The Manage eSNAP page is used to view the eSNAP reports to which you have access and lets you select an eSNAP report in order to perform various actions upon it.

PIs or users that are delegated PI updating authority can use the Manage eSNAP page to view their eSNAP reports. SOs and AOs use the Manage eSNAP page to search for grants from their institution and/or grants that have been routed to them as reviewers.

Note: The fields for the search information on this page (Grant Number, PI Last Name, Current Reviewer Last Name, and Status) are all optional. Use any desired combination of the fields to perform the search for grants. If no information is specified, all available grants will be listed.

  1. Select the eSNAP tab to open the Manage eSNAP page (ESP7002). All your available grant applications are listed by default. Proposals listed in bold text are overdue.
  2. In order to perform the optional search for grants:
    1. Enter the desired search information.
    2. Click Search to enter the query. A list of matching proposals with hyperlinked grant numbers is displayed. Proposals listed in bold text are overdue.
  3. Select the hyperlink for the desired grant number to open the eSNAP Menu page (ESP7003).

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