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Recalling eSNAP Grants

You can recall an eSNAP that you have forwarded to another reviewer and reset yourself as the current reviewer. Signing Officials can recall an eSNAP even if they are not the last reviewer and PIs can recall an eSNAP whenever it has a status of Reviewer Work in Progress (even if they are not the last reviewer to route the eSNAP). This is useful in situations where an eSNAP has been misrouted either to the wrong person or to someone who is unavailable.

  1. Open the eSNAP Menu page for the desired grant (see Querying eSNAP Reports for details).
  2. Click Recall. The eSNAP Menu page displays a confirmation that the eSNAP has been successfully recalled. The former reviewer receives an email notification letting them know that you've recalled the eSNAP.

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