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Using the eSNAP Menu

After selecting a grant to view (see Querying eSNAP Reports for details), the eSNAP Menu page (ESP7003) opens. The table below describes the fields displayed for the selected grant.

In addition to the application information, the Status of Completion section lists each section of the eSNAP and shows whether a user has designated a section as complete. Because the complete designation is optional, sections that show as incomplete may in fact have been completed.

See eSNAP Action Rules for details about the various actions that may be performed on the eSNAP report.

Field Name


Grant Number

The grant number (format: 9 R00 AA123456-99). See Understanding Grant Numbers for more information about the grant number format.


The preferred name of the institution.

PI Name

The full name of the principal investigator involved for this grant.

Project Title

The title of the grant.

Due Date

The electronic due date (15 days past the grant due date).

Current Reviewer

The name of the current reviewer of the eSNAP report.


The current state of the eSNAP report. Possible values are: Not Started, PI Work in Progress, Reviewer Work in Progress, Submitted, and Final.

In This Section

eSNAP Action Rules

Understanding Grant Numbers

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