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Editing eSNAP Business Items

Business items can be edited for eSNAP reports with a status of Work in Progress (WIP). Access to business items is granted to PIs or PI delegates when the PI is the current reviewer, and to AOs and SOs when they are the current reviewers.

The Edit Business tab lets you view and edit various eSNAP information. The information is divided into the following sections: Org. Info (organization information), Performance Sites, Key Personnel, Research Subject, SNAP Questions and Checklist, and Inclusion Enrollment.

The bottom of each section indicates if the section has been completed. If the section is marked as complete, the name of the person who designated the section as complete and the date the section was designated as complete are indicated. If the section is not marked as completed, you can mark the section as complete by clicking the Designate as Complete button located at the bottom of the page.

Whenever you edit business information in a previously completed section, the status of the section reverts back to incomplete.

In This Section

Viewing Organization Information

Editing Annual Percent Effort

Editing the SO and AO Associated with the eSNAP

Editing Performance Site Information

Editing Key Personnel

Editing Research Subject Information

Editing SNAP Questions

Editing Program Income

Submitting Inclusion Enrollment Reports for Clinical Research

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