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Evaluation Branch (EB)

NIH Evaluation Set-Aside Program

Public Law 91-926, passed in 1970, authorizes the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to use program appropriations authorized under the Public Health Service (PHS) Act for program evaluations and evaluation-related activities (see 42 USC Sec. 238(j)). This “Evaluation Set-Aside” fund is available to NIH and other PHS agencies within HHS to assess the effectiveness of Federal health programs and to identify ways to improve program implementation.

Although HHS identifies the amount of set-aside funds available to each PHS agency, the administration of the funds is the responsibility of the individual agencies. At NIH, the Evaluation Set-Aside is administered by the Evaluation Branch (EB), Division of Evaluation and Systematic Assessments (DESA) within the Office of Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Initiatives (OPASI).

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This page last reviewed: September 21, 2007