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Success in cancer research and research-related fields requires a solid background in a specific discipline in addition to extensive practical experience. However, for individuals to develop into accomplished professionals, a wide range of professional development skills are also needed. These skills include the ability to select an appropriate mentor(s), to present your scientific accomplishments at national and international meetings, to publish research articles and obtain grant funding, to interview for jobs, to obtain and keep a job, to manage both your professional and personal life, to manage stress and time, and to behave responsibly.

This section of our web is devoted to the above topics as well as other RESOURCES offered by CMBB, NCI, NIH and other professional groups who are interested in increasing the number of competitive minority individuals and institutions participating in the cancer research enterprise.

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  • Science's Next Wave: Resources for the Next Generation of Scientists

Minority-Serving Institutions

  • Hispanic Serving Institutions
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • American Indian Serving Institutions
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