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NIH Stock Supply Catalog

The 2009 NIH Supply Catalog is now available for downloading as PDF files. (Requires the free Adobe Reader.) Please note that this is only the first step -- we are working to make available a searchable on-line catalog. Frequently Asked Questions for inventory information, stock ordering, gas cylinders, or product safety questions.

 adobe pdf Laboratory Supplies
 adobe pdf Photographic Supplies
  Hospital Supplies 
  Maintenance Supplies 
  Office Supplies 
  Chemical Supplies
  Enzymes [759k]

  Envelopes and Forms 
  Animal Food and Bedding 
 PDF Graphic 


What is the NIH Supply Catalog?

The NIH Stock Supply Catalog is published by the Division of Logistics Services. Its purpose is to give each ordering office a current listing of NIH centrally stored items that are available for purchase. You can obtain a copy of the catalog from your Administrative Officer or by calling GDC Customer Service at 301-496-3517 or 3395.

Users of the catalog must assure that the Division of Logistics Services items are restricted for OFFICIAL USE ONLY by NIH personnel. Some items can only be purchased through the NIH Business System (NBS) and others can only be obtained from the Self-Service Stores. After the description, the catalog shows how and where the item may be purchased. The NBS Stock Requisitioning requires the use of the 13 digit National Stock Number (NSN).

All items listed in this publication and subsequent amendments are stocked at NIH and MANDATORY use items. These items MAY NOT be purchased from any other source either by a BLANKET PURCHASE AGREEMENT, PURCHASE ORDER or any other means.

Information contained in the catalog referencing commercial manufacturers is included only as an aid to you and does not indicate an endorsement of a specific manufacturer. You may receive the brand referenced or an item of equal quality.

Item prices reflect the current price at the time the catalog is printed. The actual selling price is computed on the average cost of inventory at the time of sale and may be different from the published price. The published price does not include the surcharge established by the Office of Financial Management.

Inquiries and/or complaints, regarding the quality or performance of any Division of Logistics Services inventory item should be directed to GDC Customer Service at 301-496-3517 or 3395.


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