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 Curriculum Supplements - Middle School, Grades 7-8  


Download Printed Materials

The print versions of the NIH curriculum supplements consist of a comprehensive teacher's guide and a CD-ROM with multimedia activities. Follow the directions below to download the CD-ROM, which includes pdf files of the teacher's guide. This is the quickest way for you to access the NIH curriculum supplements.

These downloads are very large and a high-speed connection is strongly recommended.

The downloads are provided in two formats, "Entire Download" and "Segmented Download".

  • "Entire Download" is the CD-ROM in one large file. If you have a fast connection try this option first.
  • The "Segmented Download" option allows you to download portions of the CD-ROM one at a time. Once all the portions have been downloaded they must be put together with the merge program. Directions for merging are to your right.
After downloading with either format, follow the directions in README.HTM to install the multimedia activities onto your computer. You will need the free QuickTime 4 (or higher) player from Apple in order to use the multimedia activities. After installation, click on the NIH logo to start the program and access the pdf files of the teacher's guide.

PC Users