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Welcome to NIH's website on our stewardship of the environment. This website provides information and resources related to NIH's Environmental Management System (NEMS), as well as to each of our specific environmental programs.

  • Meet our NIH environmental teams

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  • NIH Labs are Going Greener

    NIH is greening the many activities and business practices occurring daily on our campuses.  As of January 2009, greening business practices requirements are in SES-level performance plans.  Senior managers should consider forming a Green Team for each I/C and asking the Green Team Lead to participate in the February 19th Greening Workshop to meet these new requirements. Click here for more greening business practices ideas.

    NIH Earth-friendly News

    Good news!  Some NIH cafeterias have eliminated the Styrofoam cold cups and replaced them with a single-size 100% compostable cup.  Read more about NIH’s effort to green its cafeterias in the latest edition of the NEMS News.

    NIH Moves to Ban Most Uses of Mercury on its Facilities
    Learn more about NIH’s policy banning the purchase and most uses of mercury and its compounds and mercury contaminated products.

    New Recycling Initiatives at NIH!
    Did you know you can recycle food storage bags, bubble wrap and yogurt containers? These are just a few examples of the many items that can be recycled at NIH.

    NIH Environmental Successes and Awards
    Learn more about NIH's excellence in environmental stewardship.

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