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Laboratory of Structural Biology

Research Summary

The mission of the Laboratory of Structural Biology (LSB) is to provide insights into biological processes that modulate the effects of environmental exposures on human health. To accomplish this, the LSB investigates the following topics:

  • The relationship between the atomic level structures of macromolecules and their biochemical properties
  • The abilities of macromolecules to interact with substrates and other molecules, including those of environmental concern
  • The functions of macromolecules in vivo

The research performed by LSB members requires an integrated approach wherein X-ray crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry and computational chemistry are combined with biochemical and genetic approaches. Thomas A. Kunkel, Ph.D., is the Laboratory Chief of the LSB.

Logo of the Laboratory of Structural Biology Group

Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling DNA Repair & Nucleic Acid Enzymology DNA Replication Fidelity Macromolecular Structure Mass Spectrometry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure & Function Research

Scientific Support Staff

Amy Johnson
Administrative Specialist
Tel (919) 541-3198
Fax (919) 541-7880

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