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This news update from the NIH Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), provides the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and its partners with pertinent information about the plans and progress of the NIH Electronic Research Administration (eRA). Through its eRA and information services, ORIS supports the Department's research grants programs by using technology to reduce the costs of grants administration, to analyze and report on grant data, and to synthesize grant information into knowledge for guiding the NIH research portfolio and improving the Nation's health.

eRA News, June 2006
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Staff to Receive Regular Enterprise-Wide System Updates
Enterprise-wide changes to the eRA System for all IMPAC II modules and the eRA Commons now will be coordinated and implemented at the same time based on an overall software release schedule. These periodic enterprise-wide releases will give eRA more control over enhancements and changes to the system.
Population Tracking Module Converts to Web (J2EE)
The NIH Policy on Inclusion of Women and Minorities requires investigators to provide summary data on the enrollment of human subjects in clinical research projects that are tracked by NIH.
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