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Working Groups

User groups are the foundation of community input into eRA. They help develop system requirements by identifying problems and recommending fixes and enhancements. User groups work with eRA Advocates to establish business-area priorities, create budget requests, and implement priorities.

Functional committees provide advice and make recommendations to the Chairperson of the Extramural Programs Management Committee (EPMC) on matters concerning extramural scientific program policies, procedures, and issues from an extramural program operations perspective.

Implementation Teams, established by Advocates, serve in an advisory capacity to the Advocates. The Teams assist Advocates in gathering requirements, establishing priorities, and developing timelines, milestones and resource requirements for implementation of the priorities. Implementation Teams also provide the vision that identifies re-engineering opportunities.

Technical groups support and maintain the eRA system within their ICs, provide a forum for vetting technical issues regarding eRA and collaborate with the OER and eRA Project Team on technical issues.

See group rosters in the Participants List.
Read meeting minutes.


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