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My doctor diagnosed me as having a heart murmur a couple of years ago and said I should check in with a cardiologist every few years.  I started feeling out of breath while doing everyday things, like practicing soccer with my daughter.  At first, I just chalked it up to being out of shape, but it got worse.  I've always had a lot of energy, so I went to my doctor.  She told me my heart condition could be fatal if I didn't get to a hospital very soon.

 A few weeks later, I had surgery to replace my aortic valve.
It's important for people to realize that life doesn't have to come to a halt just because they've been a heart patient.  The joke among my colleagues, clients, and those who have known me for decades is that I still don't slow down!  There are a lot of things I want to do in my life, so I know it's important to take care of my health.  Most women put everyone else before themselves, but you can't put off taking care of your heart.

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