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Inside eRA for Partners

Inside eRA for Partners, a news update from the NIH Office of Electronic Research and Reports Management (OERRM), provides its partners in the grantee community with pertinent information about the plans and progress of the NIH Electronic Research Administration (eRA). Through developing enterprise–level services for researchers and science managers, and through the support of critical information services, OERRM provides the grants programs of the NIH and the Department with technologies that reduce the costs of grants administration, capture and analyze grant data, and synthesize research information into knowledge that guides our research portfolio towards improving the Nation’s health.

If you have technical questions about NIH eRA Commons software, email the Helpdesk or call 301-402-7469 (toll-free 866-504-9552). Address other questions or concerns to members of the NIH Commons Working Group, who serve as liaisons to the grantee community.

Inside eRA for Partners, July 7, 2005 (Volume 5, Issue 3)
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June/July Electronic Grant Application Pilot Completed
The electronic application project moves ahead as eRA completes a new pilot, continues integration with, and prepares to transition to the new federal application form.
eCGAP Team Wins DHHS Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service
The team behind the new eRA electronic grants-receipt system received the 2005 Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service at the Departmental ceremony on May 25.
Outcomes of May Commons Working Group Meeting
The Commons Working Group discussed eRA plans and developments at its second quarterly meeting of 2005.
Using the New NIH Manuscript Submission System
Learn how to use the new NIH system for submitting final manuscripts to PubMed Central.
Verify Your Commons PPF eMail Address
Keep your personal profile email address current to receive NIH Commons e-notifications.
New Assurances Require Institutions to Update IPF
Signing officials must check off three new assurances before their institution can submit eSNAP progress reports.
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