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Operating Principles

eRA's operating principles guide NIH in planning, implementing, and resolving issues for developing the system. eRA's project principles and any future changes to them are reviewed by the eRA Steering Committee and ratified by the IT Board of Governors.

  1. The research community will be involved in planning, prioritizing, and implementing eRA, which is therefore defined by its users and built for their requirements.
  2. Long-range plans will include participation of eRA's partners so that IT systems of NIH and the eRA System (IMPAC II and NIH eRA Commons) are fully interoperable.
  3. Project information will be communicated as completely as possible to all appropriate parties.
  4. eRA will adhere to iterative, modular software development with maximum reuse of components and preference for off-the-shelf products, seeking out the best new technologies and practices from any source.
  5. Technologies and processes will meet all reasonable special needs of eRA partners.
  6. All data will be secure, high quality, and available.
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