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Jeffery Lynn Miller, M.D.


NIDDK, National Institutes of Health
Building 10, Room 9N311
10 Center Dr.
Bethesda, MD 20892-1822
Tel: 301-402-2373
Fax: 301-435-5148

Research Website:

Education / Previous Training and Experience:
2002-current. Tenured Investigator, Molecular Medicine Branch, NIDDK, NIH.
1995-2002. Tenure Track Investigator, Laboratory of Chemical Biology, NIDDK, NIH.
1991-1995. Research and Clinical Hematology Fellow, Clin. Hem. Branch, NHLBI, NIH.
1989-1991. Attending Physician, Denver Colorado DVA Hospital.
1985-1989. Internal Medicine Residency / Chief Resident, University of Colorado.
1980-1985. M.D. Stanford University School of Medicine.
1976-1980. B.S. Chemistry, University of Nebraska.

Research Statement:

The laboratory is focused upon the determination of molecular mechanisms responsible for diseases involving erythroid cells. A variety of laboratory and bioinformatic approaches are applied directly to the study of human blood stem and progenitor cells. Molecular and genomic studies from the laboratory are then correlated with clinical data for disease prevention or the development of genetic and pharmaceutical therapies.

Selected Publications:

1. Bhanu NV, Lee YT, Oneal PA, Gantt NM, Aerbajinai W, Noel P, Thomas CJ, Miller JL Inhibition of erythroblast growth and fetal hemoglobin production by ribofuranose-substituted adenosine derivatives. Biochim Biophys Acta(1782): 504-10, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

2. Bhanu NV, Aerbajinai W, Gantt NM, Jackson EK, Goh SH, Terry Lee Y, Miller JL Cl-IB-MECA inhibits human erythropoiesis. Br J Haematol(137): 233-6, 2007. [Full Text/Abstract]

3. Hu J, Reyes-Cruz G, Goldsmith PK, Gantt NM, Miller JL, Spiegel AM Functional effects of monoclonal antibodies to the purified amino-terminal extracellular domain of the human Ca(2+) receptor. J Bone Miner Res(22): 601-8, 2007. [Full Text/Abstract]

4. Tanno T, Bhanu NV, Oneal PA, Goh SH, Staker P, Lee YT, Moroney JW, Reed CH, Luban NL, Wang RH, Eling TE, Childs R, Ganz T, Leitman SF, Fucharoen S, Miller JL High levels of GDF15 in thalassemia suppress expression of the iron regulatory protein hepcidin. Nat Med(13): 1096-101, 2007. [Full Text/Abstract]

5. Schweers RL, Zhang J, Randall MS, Loyd MR, Li W, Dorsey FC, Kundu M, Opferman JT, Cleveland JL, Miller JL, Ney PA NIX is required for programmed mitochondrial clearance during reticulocyte maturation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(104): 19500-5, 2007. [Full Text/Abstract]

6. Goh SH, Josleyn M, Lee YT, Danner RL, Gherman RB, Cam MC, Miller JL The human reticulocyte transcriptome. Physiol Genomics(30): 172-8, 2007. [Full Text/Abstract]

7. Oneal PA, Gantt NM, Schwartz JD, Bhanu NV, Lee YT, Moroney JW, Reed CH, Schechter AN, Luban NL, Miller JL Fetal hemoglobin silencing in humans. Blood(108): 2081-6, 2006. [Full Text/Abstract]

8. Miller JL Patchwork HBA1 and HBA2 genes. Haematologica(91): 289A, 2006. [Full Text/Abstract]

9. Steiner CA, Miller JL Sickle Cell Disease Patients in U.S. Hospitals. AHRQ Statistical Briefs(21), 2006. [Full Text/Abstract]

10. Goh SH, Lee YT, Bhanu NV, Cam MC, Desper R, Martin BM, Moharram R, Gherman RB, Miller JL A newly discovered human alpha-globin gene. Blood(106): 1466-72, 2005. [Full Text/Abstract]

11. Bhanu NV, Trice TA, Lee YT, Gantt NM, Oneal P, Schwartz JD, Noel P, Miller JL A sustained and pancellular reversal of gamma-globin gene silencing in adult human erythroid precursor cells. Blood(105): 387-93, 2005. [Full Text/Abstract]

12. Miller JL Signaled expression of fetal hemoglobin during development. Transfusion(45): 1229-32, 2005. [Full Text/Abstract]

13. Miller JL A genome-based approach for the study of erythroid biology and disease. Blood Cells Mol Dis(32): 341-3, 2004. [Full Text/Abstract]

14. Bhanu NV Trice TA Lee YT Miller JL A signaling mechanism for growth-related expression of fetal hemoglobin. Blood(103): 1929-33, 2004. [Full Text/Abstract]

15. Aerbajinai W Lee YT Wojda U Barr VA Miller JL Cloning and characterization of a gene expressed during terminal differentiation that encodes a novel inhibitor of growth. J Biol Chem(279): 1916-21, 2004. [Full Text/Abstract]

16. Goh SH Lee YT Bouffard GG Miller JL Hembase: browser and genome portal for hematology and erythroid biology. Nucleic Acids Res(32 Database issue): D572-4, 2004. [Full Text/Abstract]

17. Goh SH, Jackson KA, Terry Lee Y, Miller JL Identification of an alternate delta-globin mRNA in adult human erythroid cells. Genomics(84): 431-4, 2004. [Full Text/Abstract]

18. Pal S, Nemeth MJ, Bodine D, Miller JL, Svaren J Thein, SL Lowry PJ, Bresnick EH. Neurokinin-B transcription in erythroid cells: Direct activation by the hematopoietic transcription factor GATA-1. J Biol Chem(279): 31348-56, 2004. [Full Text/Abstract]

19. Stroncek DF Njoroge JM Procter JL Childs RW Miller J A preliminary comparison of flow cytometry and tube agglutination assays in detecting red blood cell-associated C3d. Transfus Med(13): 35-41, 2003. [Full Text/Abstract]

20. Wojda U Leigh KR Njoroge JM Jackson KA Natarajan B Stitely M Miller JL Fetal hemoglobin modulation during human erythropoiesis: stem cell factor has "late" effects related to the expression pattern of CD117. Blood(101): 492-7, 2003. [Full Text/Abstract]

21. Cokic VP Smith RD Beleslin-Cokic BB Njoroge JM Miller JL Gladwin MT Schechter AN Hydroxyurea induces fetal hemoglobin by the nitric oxide-dependent activation of soluble guanylyl cyclase. J Clin Invest(111): 231-9, 2003. [Full Text/Abstract]

22. Aerbajinai W Giattina M Lee YT Raffeld M Miller JL The proapoptotic factor Nix is coexpressed with Bcl-xL during terminal erythroid differentiation. Blood(102): 712-7, 2003. [Full Text/Abstract]

23. Logdberg L Reid ME Miller JL Cloning and genetic characterization of blood group carrier molecules and antigens. Transfus Med Rev(16): 1-10, 2002. [Full Text/Abstract]

24. Wojda U Noel P Miller JL Fetal and adult hemoglobin production during adult erythropoiesis: coordinate expression correlates with cell proliferation. Blood(99): 3005-13, 2002. [Full Text/Abstract]

25. Miller JL Hemoglobin switching and modulation: genes, cells, and signals. Curr Opin Hematol(9): 87-92, 2002. [Full Text/Abstract]

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28. Dittmar K Procter JL Cipolone K Njoroge JM Miller J Stroncek DF Comparison of DATs using traditional tube agglutination to gel column and affinity column procedures. Transfusion(41): 1258-62, 2001. [Full Text/Abstract]

29. Rios M Hue-Roye K Lee AH Chiofolo JT Miller JL Reid ME DNA analysis for the Dombrock polymorphism. Transfusion(41): 1143-6, 2001. [Full Text/Abstract]

30. Gubin AN Miller JL Human erythroid porphobilinogen deaminase exists in 2 splice variants. Blood(97): 815-7, 2001. [Full Text/Abstract]

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32. Lee YT Miller LD Gubin AN Makhlouf F Wojda U Barrett AJ Liu ET Miller JL Transcription patterning of uncoupled proliferation and differentiation in myelodysplastic bone marrow with erythroid-focused arrays. Blood(98): 1914-21, 2001. [Full Text/Abstract]

33. Takaki A Wiese M Maertens G Depla E Seifert U Liebetrau A Miller JL Manns MP Rehermann B Cellular immune responses persist and humoral responses decrease two decades after recovery from a single-source outbreak of hepatitis C. Nat Med(6): 578-82, 2000. [Full Text/Abstract]

34. Wojda U Miller JL Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins are not required for crosslinking-mediated endocytosis or transfection of avidin bioconjugates into biotinylated cells. Biochim Biophys Acta(1467): 144-52, 2000. [Full Text/Abstract]

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Clinical Protocols

  • Clinical and Laboratory Investigation of Humans with Informative Iron or Erythroid Phenotypes, 06-DK-0085

  • Peripheral Blood Collection of Adult Stem Cells, 06-DK-0142

  • A Trial of Oral Nifedipine for the Treatment of Iron Overload, 08-DK-0157

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