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Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Current NIH Postdoctoral Openings
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Please note: There is a limit on the number of postdoctoral fellowship applications one may submit through this site. Individuals may submit up to ten (10) applications per 12-month period. Each application one submits counts toward his/her total; there is no way to "retract" an application once it is submitted. For these reasons, the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE) urges each would-be applicant to be discriminating when choosing to apply for a fellowship.
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Postdoctoral Ads Found: 131
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ABC Transporters and Multidrug Resistance Dr. Suresh Ambudkar NCI PD-4297
AIDS Pathogenesis Studies in Primates Dr. Vanessa Hirsch NIAID PD-4238
AIDS Virus and Other Retroviruses: RNA Packaging, Virion Assembly, and Recombination Dr. Wei-Shau Hu NCI PD-3006
AIDS-Associated Malignancies: KSHV Virology and Tumor Pathogenesis Dr. Robert Yarchoan NCI PD-4420
Angiogenesis Research in the Zebrafish Dr. Brant Weinstein NICHD PD-3803
Apoptosis Gene Regulation in Cancer Dr. King Kwong NCI PD-4369
Application of Bioconjugate Strategies to a Study of Reverse Transcription Dr. Stuart Le Grice NCI PD-3348
Arf GTPase-activating Proteins in Xenopus laevis Development Dr. Paul Randazzo NCI PD-4278
Assembly and Release of HIV-1 and Other Retroviruses Dr. Eric Freed NCI PD-2289
Assembly and Replication of HIV and Other Retroviruses Dr. Alan Rein NCI PD-3007
Asthma Epidemiology Dr. Darryl Zeldin NIEHS PD-4096
ATP-dependent Proteases in Human Mitochondria Dr. Michael Maurizi NCI PD-4395
B Cell Immunology Dr. Mustafa Akkoyunlu CBER/CDER PD-4409
Bio-behavioral Applications in GI Disorders Dr. Wendy Henderson NINR PD-4146
Bioinformatics Dr. Leping Li NIEHS PD-4214
Bioinformatics/Computational Biology Dr. Andreas Baxevanis NHGRI PD-4380
Biologic Imaging Dr. Mark Hoenerhoff NIEHS PD-4430
Bipolar Disorder and Severe Irritability in Children and Adolescents Dr. Ellen Leibenluft NIMH PD-4401
Calcium Signaling Dr. James Putney NIEHS PD-4412
Cancer Genetics and Molecular Biology Dr. Yardena Samuels NHGRI PD-3950
Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer Dr. Victor Lobanenkov NIAID PD-4397
Cell and Molecular Biology of Leishmania Dr. Dennis Dwyer NIAID PD-3913
Cell Biology and Enzymology of Arf GTPase-activating Proteins Dr. Paul Randazzo NCI PD-4279
Cellular and Molecular Imaging Dr. Joseph Frank CC PD-3349
Centromeric Chromatin Structure and Epigenetic Inheritance Dr. Yamini Dalal NCI PD-4312
Characterization of the Polo Kinase and PBIP1 Interaction during Cell Proliferation Dr. Kyung Lee NCI PD-3971
Chemical Biology - Carbohydrate Arrays Dr. Jeff Gildersleeve NCI PD-4438
Chemistry of Triplex Forming Oligonucleotides Dr. Michael Seidman NIA PD-4418
Child and Adolescent Health Promotion Dr. Denise Haynie NICHD PD-2651
Chromatin Remodeling and Genome Function Dr. Akhilesh Nagaich CBER/CDER PD-4025
Chromosome Fragility/DNA Replication and Repair Dr. Karen Usdin NIDDK PD-4355
Computational Genomics / Bioinformatics Dr. Ivan Ovcharenko NLM/NCBI PD-4255
Degradation Motifs and Interactions with ATP-dependent Proteases Dr. Michael Maurizi NCI PD-4396
Development and Pathology in Heart and Skeletal Muscle Dr. Robert Horowits NIAMS PD-3841
Developmental Biology Dr. Igor Dawid NICHD PD-4429
Developmental Genetics of the Mammalian Ovary Dr. Jurrien Dean NIDDK PD-4318
Developmental Genetics of the Mammalian Testis Dr. Edward Eddy NIEHS PD-4320
DNA Repair: Interstrand Crosslinks Dr. Michael Seidman NIA PD-4417
Eicosanoids in Lung and Heart Function Dr. Darryl Zeldin NIEHS PD-3604
Enzyme Kinetics Dr. Antonina Roll-Mecak NINDS PD-4416
Epidemiologic and Genetic Underpinngs of Cardiovascular Disease Dr. Caroline Fox NHLBI PD-4419
Epigenetics Dr. Paul Wade NIEHS PD-4388
Epigenetics and Mental Retardation Dr. Karen Usdin NIDDK PD-4356
Epigenetics of Skeletal Myogenesis Dr. Vittorio Sartorelli NIAMS PD-4439
Experimental Analysis of Evolutionary Inferences: The Interaction between the Mammalian L1 (LINE-1) Retrotransposon and Its Host Dr. Anthony Furano NIDDK PD-4347
Functional Neuroimaging Dr. Karen Berman NIMH PD-3580
Functional Study of Natural Killer Cell Surface Receptors Dr. Peter Sun NIAID PD-4414
G Protein Imprinting and Metabolic Regulation Dr. Lee Weinstein NIDDK PD-4062
Gene Regulation in Innate Immunity Dr. Keiko Ozato NICHD PD-4383
Genetic and Environmental Factors in the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Alcoholism Dr. Vijay Ramchandani NIAAA PD-4283
Genetics & Genomics: Skin and Dermatology Dr. Julie Segre NHGRI PD-4084
Genetics of Nicotine Reinforcement Dr. Stephen Heishman NIDA PD-4323
Glutamate Receptor Ion Channel Function Dr. Mark Mayer NICHD PD-4431
GPCR Structure and Function Dr. Klaus Gawrisch NIAAA PD-4411
Heterotrimeric G-proteins and Cell Division Dr. John Kehrl NIAID PD-4333
HIV-1 Replication and Drug Resistance Dr. Vinay Pathak NCI PD-3012
Hormone Receptors and Gonadal Cell Regulation Dr. Maria Dufau NICHD PD-1192
Human Herpesvirus Pathogenesis Dr. Jeffrey Cohen NIAID PD-4245
Imaging Sciences Training Program Dr. Joseph Frank CC PD-4334
Immunology Dr. Mate Tolnay CBER/CDER PD-4292
Inflammatory Cell Recruitment Dr. Triantafyllos Chavakis NCI PD-4387
Influenza Vaccines and Immune Responses, New Approaches Dr. Suzanne Epstein CBER/CDER PD-4440
Innate Responses to Adenovirus Vector Gene Therapy Dr. Andrew Byrnes CBER/CDER PD-4410
Interventional Oncology Dr. Bradford Wood CC PD-4163
Leukemia Biology Dr. Peter Aplan NCI PD-4092
Lymphocytes and Cell Migration Dr. John Kehrl NIAID PD-4332
Magnetic Resonance Imaging and MR Microscopy Dr. Joseph Frank CC PD-3436
Mathematical Modeling of Human Metabolism and Body Weight Regulation Dr. Kevin Hall NIDDK PD-4276
Mechanisms of Apoptosis in the Immune System Dr. John Cidlowski NIEHS PD-4382
Mechanisms of Cell Adhesion and Migration Dr. Steven Akiyama NIEHS PD-4357
Mechanisms of Mutagenesis Dr. Roel Schaaper NIEHS PD-4400
Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Dormancy Dr. Jeff Green NCI PD-4289
Membrane Protein Biology Dr. Reinhard Grisshammer NINDS PD-3885
Membrane Protein Crystallography Dr. Susan Buchanan NIDDK PD-3647
Mitochondrial Regulation in Cancer and Cardiovascular Function Dr. Paul Hwang NHLBI PD-4303
Mitotic Spindle Assembly Dr. Petr Kalab NCI PD-4408
Molecular and Cell Biology of the Cytoskeleton Dr. Antonina Roll-Mecak NINDS PD-4391
Molecular and Genetic Components in Alcohol Dependence Dr. Markus Heilig NIAAA PD-4263
Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer Dr. Jack Taylor NIEHS PD-4404
Molecular Biology and Protein Biochemistry Dr. Antonina Roll-Mecak NINDS PD-4389
Molecular Control of Mitochondrial Function in Cardiometabolic Syndromes Dr. Michael Sack NHLBI PD-4381
Molecular Endocrinology/Steroid Receptors Dr. S. Stoney Simons, Jr. NIDDK PD-3628
Molecular Genetics of Heritable Human Disorders Dr. Janice Chou NICHD PD-4403
Molecular Immunology - DNA Recombination and Repair Dr. Sebastian Fugmann NIA PD-3421
Molecular Immunology and Innate Immunity Dr. David Segal NCI PD-3772
Molecular Immunology-Cytokine Signaling Mechanisms Dr. Charles Egwuagu NEI PD-4422
Molecular Neurosciences Dr. Mark Hoon NIDCR PD-3964
Molecular pharmacology Dr. Stanley Rapoport NIA PD-3974
Molecular Regulation of Lipid Metabolism Dr. Stanley Rapoport NIA PD-3532
Mouse Models for Genetic Bone Disease Dr. Joan Marini NICHD PD-4225
Neurodevelopmental and Neurological Disorders Arising from Repeat Expansion at the FMR1 Gene Dr. Karen Usdin NIDDK PD-4354
Neurophysiologist Dr. Dax Hoffman NICHD PD-3352
Neuroscience Dr. Peter Rapp NIA PD-4385
Norovirus Immunity Dr. Kim Green NIAID PD-4393
Norovirus Replication Dr. Kim Green NIAID PD-4394
Nutritional Neurosciences Clinical Fellow Dr. Joseph Hibbeln NIAAA PD-4428
Organelle Biogenesis and Intracellular Lipid Trafficking Dr. William Prinz NIDDK PD-4424
Pediatric and Developmental Neuropsychiatry Dr. Susan Swedo NIMH PD-4364
Polyunsaturates and Neurodevelopment Dr. Hee-Yong Kim NIAAA PD-4360
Protein-Lipid Interaction in Cell Signaling Dr. Hee-Yong Kim NIAAA PD-4361
Radiation Biology/DNA Damage & Repair Dr. Ronald Neumann CC PD-4441
Radiation-induced Molecular Targets Dr. C. Norman Coleman NCI PD-4423
Regenerative Neuroscience Dr. Herbert Geller NHLBI PD-4407
RNA Interference and MicroRNAs Dr. Stefan Muljo NIAID PD-4299
Role of Glis Transcription Factors in Pancreatic Development, Kidney, and Cancer Dr. Anton Jetten NIEHS PD-3966
Role of Homeobox Transcription Factors in Epidermal and Osteogenic Differentiation Dr. Maria Morasso NIAMS PD-4268
Signal Transduction & Molecular Genetics in Tumorigenesis Dr. Stephen Marx NIDDK PD-4437
Single Molecule Fluorescence Methods Dr. Antonina Roll-Mecak NINDS PD-4390
Spectroscopic Studies of Glutamate Transporters Dr. Jennifer Lee NHLBI PD-4436
Stem Cell and Cardiovascular Development Dr. Yosuke Mukoyama NHLBI PD-3789
Stem Cell Biology Dr. Joseph Frank CC PD-3400
Synapses and Ion Channels in Zebrafish Dr. Fumihito Ono NIAAA PD-4426
Synaptic Plasticity Dr. Zheng Li NIMH PD-3912
T Cell and Cytokine Signaling in Allergy and Immunodeficiency Dr. Joshua Milner NIAID PD-4435
T Cell Repertoire in Allergy and Immunodeficiency Dr. Joshua Milner NIAID PD-4434
T Cell-based Tumor Immunotherapy Dr. Nicholas Restifo NCI PD-4157
TGF-beta and Regulatory T Cells in Immune Tolerance Dr. Wanjun Chen NIDCR PD-4244
TGF-Signaling and Cox2 Pathways in the Dynamic Interactions between Tumors and Their Hosts Dr. Li Yang NCI PD-4432
The Role of Prostate Cancer Stem Cells in Metastasis Dr. Kathy Kelly NCI PD-4386
The Role of ROR Nuclear Receptors in Adipose Tissue, Osteogenesis, and Cancer Dr. Anton Jetten NIEHS PD-3967
The Tumor/Vessel Interface: An Opportunity for Discovery and Drug Development Dr. Giovanna Tosato NCI PD-4421
The Ubiquitin Proteasome System Dr. Yihong Ye NIDDK PD-4192
Transcriptional Regulation of MHC Class I Gene Expression Dr. Dinah Singer NCI PD-4301
Tumor Immunology Dr. Andy Hurwitz NCI PD-3987
Tumor Immunology/Immunotherapy Dr. Jeffrey Schlom NCI PD-4064
Variation in the Human Oxidative Stress Response Dr. Douglas Bell NIEHS PD-4433
Vascular Development in the Zebrafish Dr. Brant Weinstein NICHD PD-3804
Vascular Regeneration and Inflammation Dr. Manfred Boehm NHLBI PD-4402
Vector Production and Immune Response Dr. Jay Chiorini NIDCR PD-4427
Viral MicroRNAs Dr. Joseph Ziegelbauer NCI PD-4392
X-ray Crystallography Dr. Antonina Roll-Mecak NINDS PD-4415
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