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NLM Training Manuals and Resources

This page includes links to the training resources used in conjunction with the classes offered by the National Training Center and Clearinghouse (NTCC).

The PubMed® Tutorial offers a just-in-time training alternative. The PubMed Tutorial is a Web-based interactive tutorial that enables anyone using a computer with Internet access to learn about PubMed. The tutorial can be reached directly from the PubMed sidebar by clicking "Tutorials." Other distance education resources for NLM products may also be of interest.

Training materials for the courses are available in the following formats:

These workbooks are not copyrighted. Feel free to use any part of the workbooks - you may customize parts for training programs, demonstrations, or workshops you conduct.

Course Name Download Formats File Size
NLM Training: PubMed
1-day class
January 2009
PDF 4.96MB
MS Word 6.39MB
NLM Training: NLM Gateway & ClinicalTrials.gov
1/2-day class
September 2008
PDF 1.36MB
MS Word 1.65MB
TOXNET and Beyond: Using the National Library of Medicine Environmental Health and Toxicology Portal
1-day class
November 2008
Unified Medical Language
System (UMLS) Basics

1-day class
September 2007
Introduction to Molecular Biology
Information Resources

3-day class
December 2004
Web site

PDF formats are best viewed with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.

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Last updated: 29 January 2009
First published: 01 January 2003
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