Cancer Disparities Research Partnerships Program

Frank Govern, Ph.D.
e-mail: governfr@mail.nih.gov
C. Norman Coleman, M.D.
e-mail: ccoleman@mail.nih.gov
Radiation Oncology Sciences Program
Telephone 301-496-5457

Objective of Project:
This cooperative initiative will encourage applications from institutions that provide radiation oncology care to a disproportionate number of populations experiencing cancer-related health disparities but traditionally have never been significant participants in the NCI/NIH clinical research trials enterprise. The objective of this initiative is to develop technical and human resource infrastructure, environment and mentor support systems for the initiation and growth of clinical radiation oncology research trials with the ultimate objective of bringing the institutions to a level of clinical trials experience and sophistication whereby they can generate their own competitive grant applications for funding support past this grant award.

Description of Project:
The populations targeted by this Program tend to access the health care system in the advanced stages of their disease and, because of this, radiation oncology usually represents a major treatment alternative. Therefore, the field of radiation oncology represents a unique opportunity to explore ways to improve cancer-related health disparities due to its technological base, the facility of application, and the ease of expansion into medical and surgical oncology. Because of its highly technical nature, radiation oncology is more amenable to field training approaches and network arrangements. This Request For Application (RFA) is designed to assist institutions build a technical and human resource infrastructure and supportive environment over time to conduct clinical radiation oncology research trials by providing funding and expertise. Although initiated in radiation oncology, the intent is to extend the program to include all other aspects of cancer care in the institutions. It will also provide assistance to institutions to arrange access to ongoing continuing education and training programs and assist those institutions in implementing their long-term partnership arrangements by working with professional organizations, associations, NCI Cooperative Groups, and Comprehensive Cancer Centers to develop sustained supporting relationships.