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National Institutes of Health

Biological and Technical Resources for Research

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NIMH Chemical Synthesis and Drug Supply Program

Synthesizes and distributes novel or otherwise difficult-to-obtain psychoactive compounds to the scientific community for use in research relevant to mental health.

NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program

Provides screening of novel psychoactive compounds for pharmacological and functional activity at cloned human or rodent CNS receptors, channels, and transporters. In addition, a database offers thousands of affinity constants for ligand binding to over 125 receptors.

NIMH Program for Toxicological Evaluation of Novel Ligands

Provides toxicology and safety assessment of novel ligands for PET, SPECT, and fMRI in humans and limited assessment of novel psychoactive agents for clinical research and as potential therapeutic agents for the treatment of mental disorders. The goal of this program is to assess the toxicology and safety of promising, target-selective compounds for use in human studies. Toxicology and safety data generated from this program will be used by investigators in support of an Investigation New Drug (IND) application or for Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) evaluation of the compound for human studies.


NIMH Center for Genetic Studies

The NIMH Human Genetics Initiative has funded a national Center for Genetic Studies to store, and distribute clinical data and biomaterials (DNA samples and cell lines) to aid qualified researchers in identifying genes that produce vulnerability to mental disorders that include Alzheimer's Disease, autism, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Further information is available at

The NIH Microarrray Consortium

The NIH Neuroscience Blueprint has funded a consortium of four microarrray centers to serve the expression profiling and SNP genotyping needs of investigators in neuroscience who are grantees of the 15 Blueprint institutes. The consortium provides advice on experimental design, experimental services, data analysis, manuscript preparation support, and training. Extensive expertise, laser-capture micro dissection, and multiple microarrray platforms are available.


The Biomarkers Consortium: Neuroscience Steering Committee

The Neuroscience Steering Committee focuses on selecting, developing, and validating biomarkers of relevance to psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and related disorders.


Model Organisms for Biomedical Research

Provides information about national and international activities and major resources that are being developed to facilitate biomedical research using mammalian and non-mammalian model organisms.

Recently Acquired Knockout Mice and Phenotypic Data

The NIH along with its scientific partners have acquired unprecedented access to two private collections of knockout mice and related phenotypic data, providing valuable models for the study of human disease and laying the groundwork for a public, genome-wide library of knockout mice.


MRI Research Safety and Ethics: Points to Consider (PDF file, 29 pages)

A summary about the development, administration, evaluation, and use of MRI research facilities.

NIH Image/ImageJ

Public domain image processing and analysis programs are available here.

Neuroscience Image Analysis Tools Internet Analysis Tools Registry (IATR)

A central listing of all image analysis tools available to the neuroscience community has been supported by the Human Brain Project. It is found at the Internet Analysis Tools Registry (IATR)

National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing (NA-MIC) Kit

The NIH Roadmap Initiative for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology supports the National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBCs) One of the NCBCs is the National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing (NA-MIC;, whose driving biological projects come from the study of schizophrenia. NA-MIC is developing a number of software tools of great importance for neuroimaging research, called the NA-MIC Kit.


Technology Transfer

Your one-stop shopping for material transfer, cooperative research & development agreements, and licensing opportunities.