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Patient Care Costs

Clinical Trials and Insurance Coverage - A Resource Guide
(Posted: 12/30/1999, Updated: 01/30/2002) - A guide to information about insurance coverage of the patient care costs associated with clinical trials.

States That Require Health Plans to Cover Patient Care Costs in Clinical Trials
(Posted: 12/19/2002, Updated: 12/01/2008) - A searchable list and map of U.S. states that require health plans to pay for the patient care costs associated with clinical trials. Key provisions are summarized.

Financial Assistance and Other Resources for People With Cancer
(Reviewed: 02/28/2008) - A fact sheet that lists organizations that can help patients and their families with financial assistance during treatment. National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet 8.3

Medicare Coverage of Clinical Trials
(Posted: 08/22/2001, Updated: 01/10/2006) - A collection of material about Medicare's policy of covering routine patient care costs associated with clinical trials.

Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense Beneficiaries
(Posted: 10/15/1999, Reviewed: 04/14/2008) - A collection of material about an agreement allowing U.S. veterans and Department of Defense TRICARE beneficiaries to participate in NCI-sponsored cancer clinical trials as part of their health benefits.

Cost of Clinical Trials
(Posted: 02/09/1999, Reviewed: 11/25/2008) - A collection of material about studies showing that patient care costs for clinical trials are not appreciably higher than costs for patients not enrolled in trials.

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