R21 Exploratory/Developmental Research Guidelines

NCCAM Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant applications (R21) must be submitted in response to a program announcement. NCCAM no longer accepts unsolicited R21s.

NCCAM offers two types of general (as opposed to focused) R21 grants through two separate program announcements:

In addition, R21 applications may be submitted to NCCAM in response to a number of more focused initiatives. NCCAM funding opportunity announcements (PAs, RFAs, RFPs) are available online in a searchable database.

NCCAM Contacts

Amanda Trayer
Scientific Program Analyst
Phone: 301-451-3425
Email: atrayer@mail.nih.gov
For questions about the preclinical and basic PA

April Bower, R.N.
Health Program Specialist
Phone: 301-451-3560
Email: bowera@mail.nih.gov
For questions about the clinical PA