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New Studies Search for Clues to Mental Illness in Gatekeepers of Gene Expression
August 10, 2007 • Science Update
What goes awry in the brain to cause mental illness may ultimately be traced to glitches in genes - but not necessarily the parts of genes commonly suspected. Rather than the areas of genes that code for proteins, the secrets may be hidden in mysterious short sequences of genetic material called microRNAs.
Half of Children With Autism May be Diagnosable Soon After Their First Birthday
August 10, 2007 • Science Update
About half of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can be diagnosed soon after their first birthday; others with the disorder may appear to develop normally until that age and then falter or regress during their second year, NIMH-funded researchers have discovered.
Gene Predicts Better Outcome as Cortex Normalizes in Teens with ADHD
August 6, 2007 • Science Update
Brain areas that control attention were thinnest in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who carried a particular version of a gene in a study by NIMH.
Parents' Diagnoses Help to Distinguish Childhood Bipolar Disorder from Severe Mood Dysregulation
August 6, 2007 • Science Update
The parents of children who have bipolar disorder are more likely to have bipolar disorder themselves than the parents of children who have severe mood dysregulation (SMD). This finding challenges the notion of some research that suggests SMD is a type of more broadly defined childhood bipolar disorder.
New Technique Pinpoints Crossroads of Depression in Rat Brain
August 2, 2007 • Science Update
NIMH-funded scientists have developed a new high-speed technique for imaging brain activity and used it to pinpoint a circuit signal in rats that may be at the crossroads of depression.
Success or Failure of Antidepressant Citalopram Predicted by Gene Variation
August 1, 2007 • Press Release
A variation in a gene called GRIK4 appears to make people with depression more likely to respond to the medication citalopram (Celexa) than are people without the variation, a study by NIMH has found.
Faster-Acting Antidepressants Closer to Becoming a Reality
July 24, 2007 • Press Release
A new study has revealed more about how the medication ketamine, when used experimentally for depression, relieves symptoms of the disorder in hours instead of the weeks or months it takes for current antidepressants to work.
Improvement Following ADHD Treatment Sustained in Most Children
July 20, 2007 • Press Release
Most children treated in a variety of ways for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) showed sustained improvement after three years in a major follow-up study funded by NIMH.
New Research to Study Program that Improves Police Interactions with Mentally Ill
July 12, 2007 • Science Update
A new grant funded by NIMH will examine the effectiveness and utility of a program designed to improve police interactions with people who have mental disorders.
New Insights on how Mental Health is Influenced by Culture and Immigration Status
July 11, 2007 • Science Update
A special issue of Research in Human Development published in June 2007, examines current trends in prevalence and risk factors for mental disorders across the lifespan in diverse U.S. minority populations.
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