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Adolescents with Depression Not Harmed in Studies Using Placebo
January 15, 2009 • Science Update
Teens with depression who initially are randomly assigned to placebo treatment (inactive pill) during a trial are no more likely to experience harm or have a diminished response to subsequent active treatments than teens who are initially randomized to active treatment.
Intervention Helps Reduce Risky Sexual Behavior Among Homeless HIV-positive Adults
December 16, 2008 • Science Update
An NIMH-funded program already shown to reduce risky sexual and substance abuse behavior among HIV-infected adults also appears to be effective in improving the lives of HIV-infected homeless or near-homeless adults.
Depression Relapse Less Likely Among Teens Who Receive CBT After Medication Therapy
December 5, 2008 • Science Update
Adolescents with major depression who received cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) after responding to an antidepressant were less likely to experience a relapse or recurrence of symptoms compared to teens who did not receive CBT.
NIMH, U.S. Army Sign MOA to Conduct Groundbreaking Suicide Research
November 12, 2008 • Science Update
NIMH and the U.S. Army have entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to conduct research that will help the Army reduce the rate of suicides.
Study Identifies Three Effective Treatments for Childhood Anxiety Disorders
October 30, 2008 • Press Release
Treatment that combines a certain type of psychotherapy with an antidepressant medication is most likely to help children with anxiety disorders, but each of the treatments alone is also effective.
Certain Antipsychotic Medications May Increase Risk for Heart Disease
October 16, 2008 • Science Update
Certain atypical antipsychotic medications may raise the risk for heart disease in people with schizophrenia.
New Study to Evaluate Ways to Control Metabolic Side Effects of Antipsychotics
October 1, 2008 • Science Update
A new NIMH-funded grant will examine ways to control the metabolic side effects associated with the use of the newer atypical antipsychotic medications in children with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
Newer Antipsychotics No Better Than Older Drug in Treating Child and Adolescent Schizophrenia
September 15, 2008 • Press Release
Two newer atypical antipsychotic medications were no more effective than an older conventional antipsychotic in treating child and adolescent schizophrenia and may lead to more metabolic side effects.
Family-Focused Therapy Effective in Treating Depressive Episodes of Bipolar Youth
September 1, 2008 • Science Update
Adolescents with bipolar disorder who received a nine-month course of family-focused therapy (FFT) recovered more quickly from depressive episodes and stayed free of depression for longer periods than a control group.
New Research to Refine Approaches in Psychotherapy
August 29, 2008 • Science Update
NIMH is funding eight new projects designed to evaluate, refine and improve psychotherapy-based treatments.
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