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Chuxia Deng, Ph.D.

NIDDK, National Institutes of Health
Building 10, Room 9N105
10 Center Dr.
Bethesda, MD 20892-1812
Tel: 301-402-7225
Fax: 301-480-1135

Education / Previous Training and Experience:
B.S., Nanchong Normal University, China, 1981
M.S., Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Science, 1984
Ph.D., University of Utah, 1992

Research Statement:

The primary interest of my group is mammalian development and tumorigenesis using animal model systems. We have the following three projects.

Functions of fibroblast growth factor receptors (FGFRs)

FGFRs constitute a family of four membrane-spanning tyrosine kinases, which serve as high affinity receptors for at least 22 growth factors. It has been shown that mutations in FGF receptors are responsible for at least nine human inherited diseases, all of which are caused by single amino acid mutations and exhibit extensive craniofacial, axial, and/or appendicular bone abnormalities. To study functions of FGFs/FGFRs signals in development and to gain insights into mechanisms underlying these inherited diseases, mice that carry a variety of mutations including complete, isoform, and conditional knockouts, and point mutations that mimic the human diseases have been created through gene targeting. Functional analysis of these mutant mice has been carried out.

Functions of Smad genes

Smads constitute a gene family of eight members that serve as intracellular mediators of TGF-beta signals. We have generated mouse mutants carrying targeted mutations in SMAD2-5. Our preliminary analysis on the mutant mice has revealed distinct functions of these genes in multiple biological processes.

Functions of Brca1 gene

We are studying functions of the breast tumor suppressor gene Brca1 in mammary gland development and tumor formation. Breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer mortality in women, with approximately one in nine being affected over their lifetime. Analyzing our Brca1-null, isoform, or conditional knockout models, we showed that BRCA1 is essential for genetic stability. Loss of BRCA1 increases mutation rates of all genes, including tumor suppressors and oncogenes, which results in tumor formation. We are continuing to study mechanisms of BRCA1 associated tumorigenesis and seeking efficient ways to prevent the transformation process from happening in Brca1 mutant cells.

Selected Publications:

1. Aulehla A, Wiegraebe W, Baubet V, Wahl MB, Deng C, Taketo M, Lewandoski M, Pourquie A beta-catenin gradient links the clock and wavefront systems in mouse embryo segmentation. Nat Cell Biol(10): 186-93, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

2. Yin L, Du X, Li C, Xu X, Chen Z, Su N, Zhao L, Qi H, Li F, Xue J, Yang J, Jin M, Deng C, Chen L A Pro253Arg mutation in fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (Fgfr2) causes skeleton malformation mimicking human Apert syndrome by affecting both chondrogenesis and osteogenesis. Bone(42): 631-643, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

3. Ahn BH, Kim HS, Song S, Lee IH, Liu J, Vassilopoulos A, Deng CX, Finkel T A role for the mitochondrial deacetylase Sirt3 in regulating energy homeostasis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(105): 14447-52, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

4. Colak D, Mori T, Brill MS, Pfeifer A, Falk S, Deng C, Monteiro R, Mummery C, Sommer L, Gotz M Adult neurogenesis requires Smad4-mediated bone morphogenic protein signaling in stem cells. J Neurosci(28): 434-46, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

5. Nie X, Deng CX, Wang Q, Jiao K Disruption of Smad4 in neural crest cells leads to mid-gestation death with pharyngeal arch, craniofacial and cardiac defects. Dev Biol(316): 417-30, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

6. Kang JS, Tian JH, Pan PY, Zald P, Li C, Deng C, Sheng ZH Docking of axonal mitochondria by syntaphilin controls their mobility and affects short-term facilitation. Cell(132): 137-48, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

7. Xun Xu, Jun Han, Yoshihiro Ito, Pablo Bringas, Jr., Chuxia Deng, and Yang Chai Ectodermal Smad4 and p38 MAPK are functionally redundant in mediating TGF-Beta/BMP signaling during tooth and palate development Developmental Cell: 15(2):322-9, 2008.

8. Vassilopoulos A, Wang RH, Petrovas C, Ambrozak D, Koup R, Deng CX Identification and characterization of cancer initiating cells from BRCA1 related mammary tumors using markers for normal mammary stem cells. Int J Biol Sci(4): 133-42, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

9. Wang RH, Sengupta K, Li C, Kim HS, Cao L, Xiao C, Kim S, Xu X, Zheng Y, Chilton B, Jia R, Zheng ZM, Appella E, Wang XW, Ried T, Deng CX Impaired DNA damage response, genome instability, and tumorigenesis in SIRT1 mutant mice. Cancer Cell(14): 312-23, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

10. Wang RH, Zheng Y, Kim HS, Xu X, Cao L, Luhasen T, Lee MH, Xiao C, Vassilopoulos A, Chen W, Gardner K, Man YG, Hung MC, Finkel T, Deng CX Interplay among BRCA1, SIRT1, and Survivin during BRCA1-associated tumorigenesis. Mol Cell(32): 11-20, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

11. Kautz L, Meynard D, Monnier A, Darnaud V, Bouvet R, Wang RH, Deng C, Vaulont S, Mosser J, Coppin H, Roth MP Iron regulates phosphorylation of Smad1/5/8 and gene expression of Bmp6, Smad7, Id1, and Atoh8 in the mouse liver. Blood(112): 1503-9, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

12. Jeker LT, Barthlott T, Keller MP, Zuklys S, Hauri-Hohl M, Deng CX, Hollander GA Maintenance of a normal thymic microenvironment and T cell homeostasis require Smad4-mediated signalling in thymic epithelial cells. Blood, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

13. Gautam D, Jeon J, Li JH, Han SJ, Hamdan FF, Cui Y, Lu H, Deng C, Gavrilova O, Wess J Metabolic roles of the M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor studied with M3 receptor mutant mice: a review. J Recept Signal Transduct Res(28): 93-108, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

14. Tang Y, Kitisin K, Jogunoori W, Li C, Deng CX, Mueller SC, Ressom HW, Rashid A, He AR, Mendelson JS, Jessup JM, Shetty K, Zasloff M, Mishra B, Reddy EP, Johnson L, Mishra L Progenitor/stem cells give rise to liver cancer due to aberrant TGF-beta and IL-6 signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(105): 2445-50, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

15. Mantel CR, Wang RH, Deng C, Broxmeyer HE Sirt1, notch and stem cell "age asymmetry". Cell Cycle(7): 2821-5, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

16. Jacobs KM, Pennington JD, Bisht KS, Aykin-Burns N, Kim HS, Mishra M, Sun L, Nguyen P, Ahn BH, Leclerc J, Deng CX, Spitz DR, Gius D SIRT3 interacts with the daf-16 homolog FOXO3a in the mitochondria, as well as increases FOXO3a dependent gene expression. Int J Biol Sci(4): 291-9, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

17. Rajagopal R, Dattilo L, Kaartinen V, Deng C, Umans L, Zwijsen A, Roberts A, Bottinger E, Beebe DC The Functions of the type I BMP receptor, Acvr1 (Alk2), in Lens Development: Cell Proliferation, Terminal Differentiation and Survival. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2008. [Full Text/Abstract]

18. Li W, Xiao C, Vonderhaar BK, Deng CX A role of estrogen/ERalpha signaling in BRCA1-associated tissue-specific tumor formation. Oncogene, 2007. [Full Text/Abstract]

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