CIT Systems and Services Requiring Account Registration


Central Email Service           

The Central Email Service (CES) provides e-mail services for the NIH community.  To register for a CES account, go to Accounts Management and choose Email Management.  Note: you must have an NIH NT Domain account in order to request a CES account.


Windows Core Services     

Windows Core Service offerings include NT, web and database hosting, print services and domain name service. Go to Accounts Management and choose NIH NT Domain/CES Account Management.


Parachute Remote Access Service  

Parachute allows authorized NIH staff to logon to the NIH network and to e-mail from off-campus using a high-speed modem and a standard telephone line.  An Account Sponsor can request a Parachute account for a user through WebSponsor.


Enterprise Systems   

Use of these systems is on a fee-for-service basis, with costs charged to your CIT account.  An Account Sponsor can add users to an existing account through WebSponsor, or a new account can be established by submitting a CIT Account Request Form for NIH Customers.

Titan Mainframe
Titan provides an efficient, reliable and economical computing environment, and offers robust commercial products and tools.

EOS (Unix) Systems
The Unix environment (more than 70 servers referred to as EOS) is appropriate for any important Unix-based application and has specific capabilities for applications that use Oracle databases.

Windows Hosting Services
Windows-based application servers at the NIH Computer Center provide a computing environment suitable for critical, enterprise-wide applications. Designed to minimize application disruption and provided on a cost recovery basis, this service gives excellent value for enterprise applications.

Helix Systems
The Helix Systems supports high performance computing resources that are available for use by the NIH research community. These resources provide access to a wide range of software applications, installed on production computing platforms. To assist researches in using and learning about these resources, Helix Systems provides training, documentation, and consulting on these resources. These applications are available to any NIH researcher who has a Helix account.  An Account Sponsor can register a user for a Helix account through WebSponsor.

Database Technologies        

CIT support centrally-managed servers for Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs) and associated products. RDBMSs provide an efficient way to store large amounts of data by enabling you to store data in individual tables (files) and combine the data in the tables for reports and analyses. The current RDBMS servers available to choose from are IBM's DB2 Server, ORACLE's Enterprise Server and Microsoft's SQL Server.  These RDBMS servers can house a variety of data; for example, administrative, budget, grants, personnel, and research data.   RDBMSs require a CIT account and initials for access to the system.  An Account Sponsor can add users to an account through WebSponsor.

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