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New Fall Courses
SAS Series: SAS Enterprise Guide Overview
SAS Series: S-PART: Science Portfolio Analysis and Reporting Tool
SAS Statistics II: ANOVA and Regression
NCAT 3.4 Information Session
New Frontiers in the Analysis of Gene Regulation
GeneSpring GX 10 for Gene Expression
BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL) - Integration of TransFac, TransPath, Proteome. Complete Systems Biology Resource
BIOBASE EXPLAIN, Systems Biology E-Tool for Analysis of Microarrays, Proteomic, ChIP-chip Experiments & Much More
Molecular Dynamics: Macromolecular Simulations
Universal Web Site Design: A Fresh Look at Section 508 Compliance for Web Developers
101 SecureFusion (SF) training for ISSOs
AppScan Orientation for ISSOs
Advanced QVR Training-Understanding and using the CRISP/RCDC Search Feature
Podcasting 101
Microsoft Unified Communications
Creating Presentations with PowerPoint 2007
PowerPoint 2007 Advanced Topics
Excel 2007 - Formulas
Excel 2007 Advanced Topics - PivotTables
Mac OS 10.5 Support Essentials
Leopard Basics - New Features & Tips
Principles of Pharmacokinetic Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation
Array-Based Copy Number Analysis & Visualization with Nexus Copy Number
Web of Science: Mining the Literature
Reference Manager: Managing Your Search Results
Using PubMed to Search for the Evidence
Measuring Outcomes: Patient Reported Quality of Life and Functional Status Instruments
Making Presentation-Quality Phylogenetic Tree Figures
Structural Biology 3D Visualization using Pymol
Advanced Molecular Dynamics
Advanced Structural Biology 3D Visualization using Chimera
Adobe Photoshop for Scientists
Creating Publication Quality Graphics with Adobe Illustrator
3D Graphics using Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD)
Introduction to R, a Hands-On Seminar
Introduction to Inkscape, An Open Source Software for Illustration

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