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[Website of the National Cancer Institute's Technology Transfer Center.  Partnering with Industry for Improved Public Health.]
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Institutes Served

In addition to serving the National Cancer Institute, the Technology Transfer Center (TTC) is a designated Competitive Service Center (CSC) for technology transfer and offers full technology transfer services to other NIH institutes. Services range from providing consultation to managing all of an Institute's or Center's technology development projects.

Presently, the TTC serves ten client Institutes as well as the National Cancer Institute:

National Cancer Institute

Center for Cancer Research

Basic Research Laboratory

Basic Research Laboratory-Dr. Tosato's Lab

Cell and Cancer Biology Branch

Clinical Director's Office

Comparative Oncology Program

Dermatology Branch

Exper. Immunology Branch

Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch

Genetics Branch

HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics

Laboratory of Cancer Prevention

Laboratory of Cell Biology

Laboratory of Cellular Oncology

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology

Laboratory of Experimental & Computational Biology -Jernigan and Guy Labs

Laboratory of Experimental Carcinogenesis

Laboratory of Genetics

Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis

Laboratory of Immune Cell Biology

Laboratory of Metabolism

Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology

Laboratory of Pathology

Laboratory of Population Genetics

Laboratory of Receptor Biology & Gene Expression

Laboratory of Tumor Immunology & Biology

Mammary Biology and Tumorigenesis Laboratory

Medical Oncology Branch

Metabolism Branch

Molecular Targets Program

Neuro-Oncology Branch

Office of the Director

Angiogenesis Core Facility

Molecular Imaging Program

Molecular Targets Core

Pediatric Oncology Branch

Radiation Biology Branch

Radiation Oncology Branch

Surgery Branch

Urologic Oncology Branch

Vaccine Branch

Center for Cancer Research - Frederick

Basic Research Laboratory

Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory

Cancer and Inflammation Program

Laboratory of Experimental Immunology

Laboratory of Molecular Immunoregulation

Gene Regulation & Chromosome Biology Laboratory

HIV Drug Resistance Program

Center of Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Cancer Virology

Host Virus Interaction Branch

Resistance Mechanism Laboratory

Retroviral Replication Laboratory

Laboratory of Cancer Prevention (F)

Laboratory of Cell Biology

Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling

Laboratory of Comparative Carcinogenesis

Laboratory of Genomic Diversity

Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry

Laboratory of Metabolism

Cellular Defense and Carcinogenesis Section

Laboratory of Protein Dynamics and Signaling

Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory

Molecular Targets Develoment Program

Mouse Cancer Genetics Program

Nanobiology Program

Pediatric Oncology Branch

Structural Biophysics Laboratory

Vaccine Branch

Division of Cancer Biology

Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

All Labs/Branch

Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics

All Labs/Branch

Division of Cancer Prevention

All Labs/Branch

Early Detection Research Network

PLCO Etiology and Early Marker Studies

Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis

Biometrics Research Branch

Cancer Diagnosis Program

Cancer Imaging Program

Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program

Developmental Therapeutics Program

Radiation Research Program

Select Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program Items

Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis - Frederick

Biological Resources Branch

Biological Testing Branch

Chemical Biology COnsortium

Developmental Therapeutics Program (F)

Information Technologies Branch

Natural Products Branch

RAID Program

Screening Technologies Branch

NCI - Frederick

Charles River Laboratories

Animal Production Area

Contract & Special Initiatives

Data Management Services, Inc.

Computer & Statistical Services

Management Operations and Support Branch

Office of Scientific Operations Manager

Wilson Information Services, Inc.

Scientific Library

Office of the Director

NCI Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives

Alliance for Cancer Nanotechnology


Office of Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research

Office of Cancer Genomics

NCI-Frederick/Management Operations and Support Branch

NCI-Frederick/Office of Scientific Operations

Office of Media Relations

Office of Cancer Information Products and Systems

Office of Science Planning and Assessment

Research Contracts (Rockville)


AIDS Vaccine Development Program

Advanced Technology Program

Advanced Biomedical Computing Center

Clinical Monitoring Research Program

Clinical Proteomics Reference Laboratory

Core Genotyping Facility (DCEG-sponsored)

Gene Expression Laboratory

Image Analysis Laboratory

Laboratory of Molecular Technology

Laboratory of Proteomics and Analytical Technologies

Molecular Therapeutics Program

Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory

Protein Chemistry Laboratory

Protein Expression Laboratory

Scientific Publications, Graphics and Media

Viral Oncology Section Core Laboratory

Applied/ Development Research Program

DCTD/DTP/STB Drug Screening

Basic Research Program

Intramural Research Support Program

Biopharmaceutical Development Program

Bioanalytical Development Laboratory

Biopharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Biopharmaceutical Quality Control

Cell Culture Production Laboratory

Fermentation, Cell Culture and Recovery Development Laboratory

Large-Scale Fermentation and Recovery Laboratory

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Purification Process Development

Virology Research and Development Laboratory

Center for Advanced Pre-Clinical Research

DTP Computer Center

Laboratory Animal Sciences Program

DCEG & Repository

NIAID -Related

Operations and Technical Support

President's Office



SAIC-F/Science and IP Administration

Research Technology Program

Advanced Biomedical Computing Center

Analytical Chemistry Lab

Clinical Monitoring Research Program

Clinical Proteomics Laboratory

Laboratory of Molecular Technology

Mammalian Gene Collection Laboratory

Molecular Therapeutics Program

Protein Chemistry Laboratory

Protein Expression Laboratory

Surgery Branch Support

Competitive Service Center

Center for Information Technology

Clinical Center

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

National Eye Institute

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

National Institute on Aging

National Institute on Child Health Development

National Institute on Dental and Craniofacial Research

National Institute on Drug Abuse

National Library of Medicine


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