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Defining the discipline of medical oncology can be more difficult than one would initially think because it touches on so many aspects of cancer research and care. Most broadly, it can be defined as the care and study of adult cancers. Read the story »


Letting Sleeping Micrometastases Lie

Letting Sleeping
Micrometastases Lie

Tumors can appear months or even years after treatment.

alt text IL-7: Bringing New Youth to the T Cell Pool

As we age, the thymus shrinks and becomes less active.

alt text Resistance Is Futile:

Examining the Causes of Cisplatin Resistance in Cancer Cells

alt text Achilles' (Other) Heel:

Non-Oncogene Addiction in Multiple Myeloma

alt text Small Molecule, Big Impact:

The Efficacy of Lapatinib in Breast Cancer Metastases in the Brain

alt text The Natural Products Repository:

A National Drug Development Resource

alt text CCR Research

CCR Research Fuels International IGFR Inhibitor Trial for Ewing's Sarcoma.

alt text Staff News at CCR

Staff announcements and new tenure-track scientists at CCR.