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Office of the Director (OD)
For comments, questions, and suggestions, email oamp@mail.nih.gov 
NIH Email Directory http://directory.nih.gov

The National Institutes of Health
Office of Acquisition Management and Policy
6100 Executive Boulevard, Room 6D01
Bethesda, MD 20892-7540
(For delivery by courier, other than the U.S. Post Office, change the last address line to read "Rockville, MD 20852")
Office of the Director (OD)
Name Office Location Telephone E-mail
Frasier, Diane (Director) 6D01C 301-496-4422 oamp@mail.od.nih.gov
Weker, Laurie (Acting Deputy Director) 6D01E 301-496-4422 WekerL@mail.nih.gov
Cao, Lahn 6D01B3 301-496-6431 caol@mail.nih.gov
Dansby, Dee 6D01 301-496-4422 dansbyc@od.nih.gov
Kirby, Patricia 6D01D 301-496-4422 KirbyP@mail.nih.gov
McKerrow, Melissa 6D05B 301-496-4422 McKerroM@mail.nih.gov
Mills, Jean 6D01 301-496-4422 MillsJe@mail.nih.gov
Rose, Joshua 6E01J 301-402-3441 rosej@mail.nih.gov
Russell, Stephanie 6D01B1 301-496-6431 RussellS@mail.nih.gov
Fax Number   301-402-2425 or 301-480-0945 or 301-496-8018
HHS Small Business Specialist
Name Office Location Telephone E-mail
Owens-Scarboro, Annette 6E01D 301-496-9639 ao31z@nih.gov
Dougherty, Laura 6E01K 301-496-9639 DougherL@mail.nih.gov
Ferguson, Jonathan 6E01E 301-496-9639 FergusJS@mail.nih.gov
Prayer, Toya 6D05E 301-496-9639 prayert@mail.nih.gov
Sagna, Nydia 6E01M 301-496-9639 sagnan@mail.nih.gov
Fax Number     301-480-2506
Contract Data Management Program (CDMP)
Name Office Location Telephone E-mail
CDMP Support 6D01 301-451-2771
Smith, Paulette 6D01A4 301-496-1783 ps19v@nih.gov
Tran, Alexander 6D01A1 301-496-1783 at84h@nih.gov
Redd, David 6D01A 301-496-1783 reddd@od.nih.gov
Acquisition Career Program (ACP)
Name Office Location Telephone E-mail
Henn, Carl 6D01A2 301-496-1783 ch24v@nih.gov
Division of Acquisition Policy and Evaluation (DAPE)
Name Office Location Telephone E-mail
Mizzell, Sherley (Director) 6C01D 301-496-6014 sm109e@nih.gov
Adamik, Mary 6C01A 301-496-6014 ma58r@nih.gov
DeCenzo, John 6C01B 301-496-6014 jd93o@nih.gov
Demetriou, Carmen 6C01 301-496-6014 demetriouc@mail.nih.gov
Dillon, Raymond 6C01 301-496-6014 dillonr@mail.nih.gov
Grant, Darryl 6B05J 301-496-6014 dg339m@nih.gov
Hamill, Rosemary 6B05M 301-496-6014 rh251s@nih.gov
Montford, Derrick 6C01C 301-496-6014 montfordd@mail.nih.gov
Smith, Mary 6B05K 301-496-6014 ms196a@nih.gov
Fax Number     301-402-1199
Division of Financial Advisory Services (DFAS)
6100 Executive Boulevard Room 6B05, Bethesda MD 20892-7540
(For delivery by courier, other than the U.S. Post Office, change the last address line to read Rockville, MD 20852)
Name Office Location Telephone E-mail
Trexler, Lorraine (Director) 6B05C 301-496-4401 lt156e@nih.gov
Milstead, Daniel (Deputy Director) 6B01L 301-496-4401 dm207q@nih.gov
Pincus, Carolyn 6B05 301-496-4401 cp11b@nih.gov
Indirect Cost Branch
Woodruff, Raphael (Branch Chief) 6B01H 301-496-4494 rw8u@nih.gov
Avery, Dawn 6A01A 301-496-2444 da246i@nih.gov
Bishop, Ruth 6B05 301-496-4494 Ruth_Bishop@nih.gov
Camby, Cathryn 6B01F 301-496-4494 cc21a@nih.gov
Hart, Ramond 6B01A 301-496-2444 hartr2@nih.gov
Hogarth, Ketty 6B05A 301-496-4494 kh269o@nih.gov
Huang, Li Li 6B01D 301-496-2444 lh289h@nih.gov
Kimberling, Anita 6A01E 301-496-2444 ak12u@nih.gov
Radosevich, Cara 6B01G 301-496-4494 cr16s@nih.gov
Sandberg, Andy 6A01B 301-496-2444 as19f@nih.gov
Sultzer, Tony 6A01G 301-496-2444 ts15o@nih.gov
Teng, Eileen 6B01C 301-496-4494 et57f@nih.gov
Fax Number     301-402-7180
Special Reviews Branch
Herndon, Craig (Branch Chief) 6B05H 301-496-4494 ch11s@nih.gov
Brown, Cynthia 6B05G 301-496-4494 cb25b@nih.gov
Downey, Michael 6B01J 301-496-4494 md17e@nih.gov
Harrah, Annette 6B05B 301-496-4494 harrahak@mail.nih.gov 
Luck, Celia 6B05D 301-496-4494 luckc@od.nih.gov
Lundgren, Jason 6B01B 301-496-4494 lundgrenj@od.nih.gov
Richardson, Patricia 6B05 301-496-4494 pr12r@nih.gov
Smith, Amanda 6B01E 301-496-2444 as816h@nih.gov
Fax Number     301-402-0177