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[Website of the National Cancer Institute's Technology Transfer Center.  Partnering with Industry for Improved Public Health.]
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Welcome to the Technology Transfer Center

The NCI held a Technology Transfer and Federal Marketplace event on September 25, 2007 to showcase to industry new NCI technologies focused on cancer therapeutics and diagnostics. Slides and poster abstracts can be found within the Resources section.

Technology Transfer Center (TTC) of the National Cancer Institute makes it easy for industry and academia to interact and partner with National Institutes of Health laboratories and scientists. To learn more background information about TTC, choose from the following:

  • The TTC Mission and Role
    This link provides a description of the TTC mission and role in the technology transfer and commercialization process.
  • Success Stories
    Material at this link describes technology transfer partnerships between NIH and Industry and the resulting products.
  • Institutes Served By TTC
    TTC provides technology transfer services to NCI and several other Institutes. This link provides names and links to TTC's client Institutes. The services provided range from consultation to managing all the Institute's or Center's technology development projects. A list of TTC Staff who serve these Institutes is found here.
  • TTC Intellectual Property Services
    At this link information is available for NCI grantees and NCI employees about inventions, as well as information about Public Health Service Trademarks.
    (Note: This link will transfer you to the Intellectual Property section of the site.)

For information about cancer, clinical trials and statistics, please visit http://cancer.gov.





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