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National Institutes of Health

NIMH Outreach Partnership Program

The Outreach Partnership Program is a nationwide initiative of the NIMH’s Office of Constituency Relations and Public Liaison (OCRPL) with support from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and in cooperation with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The Program partners with national and state organizations to strengthen the public health impact of research by disseminating the latest scientific findings; informing the public about mental disorders, alcoholism, and drug addiction; and reducing the associated stigma and discrimination. The Program strives to increase public awareness about the important role of basic and clinical research in transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses and addiction disorders, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure. The Program also provides NIMH with the opportunity to engage community organizations in a dialogue to help develop a national research agenda to improve America’s mental health.


The Outreach Partnership Program is a vital element in NIMH outreach efforts to deliver science-based information to the public, health professionals, constituency groups, and all interested stakeholders. Through its Outreach and National Partners, the Program strives to:

Outreach Partners

There are 55 Outreach Partner organizations from each state and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. As part of the agreement with NIMH, each competitively selected Outreach Partner conducts a statewide or regional mental health outreach and education program to deliver science-based messages to the public, health professionals, and traditionally underserved populations. Partners also collaborate with universities and other research institutions to increase opportunities for volunteer participation in NIMH and NIH sponsored clinical studies.

Benefits provided to the Outreach Partners include an annual stipend, travel reimbursement to an annual meeting, and access to NIMH scientific and educational publications for mass dissemination. Partners also have numerous opportunities for networking with Federal, national, and state organizations through the annual meetings, a listserv, and a biweekly update with the latest news and resources.

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National Partners

There are over 80 National Partners, including professional, consumer, advocacy, and service-related organizations with a nationwide membership and/or audience. National Partners are concerned primarily with mental health, alcoholism and drug abuse disorders, but also include a broad range of groups involved in general health and medicine, social services, and education. The Outreach Partnership Program strives to connect state and national organizations with one another to build coalitions. The resulting partnerships extend outreach and educational activities to more diverse populations, allow for cost and information sharing, and help national campaigns reach the state grass roots level.

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