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Destruction at Federal Records Centers

The Washington National Records Center (WNRC) will destroy eligible federal records scheduled for disposal and stored at the facility. Because your agency has legal custody of the records while they are stored at the federal records center (FRC), written concurrence of your agency is required. The WNRC notifies agencies of records pending destruction by sending the National Archives and Records Administration Form 13001 (NA Form 13001), Eligibility for Disposal, to the NIH Records Management Officer (RMO) within 90 days of the scheduled disposal date cited on the Standard Form 135 (SF-135), Records Transmittal and Receipt. The NIH RMO will send this notice of intent to destroy to your office through the IC Records Liaison. The IC Records Liaison is responsible for completing the form and returning it to the NIH RMO. The NIH RMO will return the completed form to the WNRC, which will destroy the records on the scheduled disposal date.

The destruction of records on the authorized disposal date is required by law unless your office identifies a programmatic or administrative need for the records, or the records are subject to audits or records freezes. In either case, the justification for continued retention and the estimated duration of the continued retention of the records should be stated on the form and returned to the NIH RMO.

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