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Leadership at a Glance

The DCCPS senior leadership team is often described as dedicated and innovative. We pride ourselves not only in our dedication to cancer control, but also in our willingness to utilize unconventional ideas and approaches to accelerate progress in cancer research.

Last Updated: June 3, 2008


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DCCPS Home DCCPS - Dr. Robert Croyle, Director, Deputy Director for Research Dissemination and Diffusion (Acting) Office of Cancer Survivorship - Dr. Julia H. Rowland, Director Epidemiology & Genetics Research Program - Dr. Deborah M. Winn, Associate Director (Acting) Behavioral Research Program - Dr. Robert Croyle, Associate Director (Acting) Applied Research Branch - Dr. Rachel Ballard-Barbash, Associate Director Surveillance Research Program - Dr. Brenda K . Edwards, Associate Director Methods and Technologies Branch - Dr. Mukesh Verma, Chief Applied Cancer Screening Research Branch - Dr. Stephen Taplin, Chief (Acting) Health Services Economics Branch - Dr. Martin Brown, Chief Cancer Statistics Branch - David Stinchcomb, Chief Modifiable Risk Factors Branch - Dr. Britt Reid, 
Chief Host Susceptibility Branch - Dr. Mukesh Verma, Chief (Acting) Clinical and Translational Branch Dr. Deborah M. Winn, Chief (Acting) Basic Behavioral & Research Branch - Paige McDonald, Chief Outcomes Research Branch - Dr. Steven Clauser, Chief Statistical Research Branch & Applications - Dr. Eric Feuer, Chief Risk Factor Monitoring & Methods Branch - Dr. Susan Krebs-Smith, Chief Health Communication & Informatics Research Branch - Dr. Bradford Hesse, Chief Health Promotion Research Branch - Dr. Linda Nebeling,Chief Tobacco Control Research Branch - Dr. Cathy Backinger, Chief (Acting)