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Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a monthly journal of peer-reviewed research and news on the impact of the environment on human health. EHP is published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and its content is free online. Print issues are available by paid subscription.DISCLAIMER
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Instructions to Authors
Revised September 2008

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Papers submitted to EHP before 12:00 pm EST on 15 July 2008 cannot be accessed via Manuscript Central. If you have questions about the status of a pending manuscript, please contact EHPmanuscripts@niehs.nih.gov. Do not resubmit your paper.

To submit a revision of a paper originally submitted before 12:00 pm EST on 15 July 2008, please refer to the instructions in your revision request letter. Direct any questions to EHPManuscripts@niehs.nih.gov.

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a monthly open access journal of peer-reviewed research and news dedicated to the discussion of the impact of the environment on human health. All scientific articles are evaluated for scientific quality, environmental significance, appropriate degree of speculation, clarity of presentation, and conciseness. One of the overarching goals of the journal is to strive for objectivity and balance in the presentation of information.

Although EHP is sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), its editorial policies are independent of the institute. An Advisory Board consisting of former EHP editors and non-NIEHS scientists provides guidance for journal policies and operations. Papers submitted to the journal are processed by a Board of Associate Editors. Members of the Editorial Review Board serve as a pool of potential reviewers of papers. Both the Board of Associate Editors and the Editorial Review Board are composed of leading scientists from all segments of the environmental health sciences.

EHP is the leading journal in the environmental health sciences. All papers are subjected to a preliminary screening to determine relevance, environmental significance, and creativity. In 2007, approximately 60% of papers are returned to authors without further review. The overall acceptance rate of papers submitted to the journal is approximately 20–25%.

In 2003, EHP became an open-access journal. All news and research articles published in EHP since 1972 are available free on-line (http: //www.ehponline.org/). EHP is committed to promoting the discussion and exchange of information internationally, as described in detail at http://www.ehponline.org/international/.

The environmental health sciences include many fields of study and increasingly comprise a multidisciplinary research area. EHP publishes articles from a wide range of scientific disciplines encompassing basic research, human studies, and in vitro and in vivo animal research with a clear relationship to human health effects. Studies dealing with climate change, ecological issues, or effects on wildlife populations are welcome, but the relevance of the findings to human health should be evident. Physicians and others working in environmental medicine are encouraged to submit case reports for publication. EHP also addresses ethical, legal, social, and policy issues related to public health.

EHP provides information on emerging environmental issues through its Environews and Book Review sections. Although EHP welcomes ideas for Environews articles, Book Reviews, and Editorials, the journal typically does not accept unsolicited manuscripts of these types. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief for further information.

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