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The pages listed below contain the basic information included and/or referenced in the Indirect Cost Branch's information package (Infopack) made available to new contractors and grantees.

Cover Letter
Provides background information and an explanation of the various required elements of a complete Indirect Cost (IDC) Submission.

Definition and an illustration of how indirect cost rates can be developed (one-tier system).

IDC Training
Indirect Cost Training--An Overview. Illustration of a three-tier indirect cost rate system.
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Unallowable/Unallocable Costs
A listing of unallowable and unallocable costs and the related FAR citation for each.

IDC Submission Checklist
A list of basic questions about company policies and specific cost items that may be included in a company's IDC proposal.
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Accounting System/Internal Control Questionnaire
A questionnaire touching on basic accounting system and internal controls.

Time and Effort Reporting
NIH Time and Effort Reporting Requirements for Commercial Organizations
A sample time sheet, as referenced in the Accounting System/Internal Control Questionnaire.

Executive Compensation
A schedule requesting company sales and executive compensation data for current and two years back.

Certificate of Final Indirect Costs
The Certificate required under FAR 42.703-2 to be included in a Final IDC submissions.

Audit Requirements of For-Profit Organizations
A summary of HHS audit requirements for for-profit (commercial) organizations.

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